Agricultural Price Index

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Business & Economy

Notes: Prices received by producers for agricultural products (excludes subsidies) and prices paid by producers for agricultural inputs. Source agency: Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Designation: National Statistics Language: English Alternative title: Agricultural Price Index Notes: This table shows the API for main categories and selected primary items. Further detail is available on request. The Producer Price indices reflect prices received by Producers but exclude direct subsidies. ¹The price index for straight nitrogen fertilisers has been revised from June 2007 due to quality issues with the previous series. A revised feedstuffs index from January 1998 has been incorporated in the Feb 2000 update
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Data Resources (4)

Index of Producer Prices of Agricultural Products, UK (2010=100) January 1988 to April 2015
Index of Producer Prices of Agricultural Products, UK (2005=100) January 2003 to May 2013
API : Index of the Purchase Prices of the Means of Agricultural Production (United Kingdom) 1988 to 2009

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Added to 10/12/2011
Theme Business & Economy
Themes (secondary) Environment
Temporal coverage 1/1/1988 - 30/4/2015
Geographic coverage United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland)
National statistic yes
ONS category Agriculture and Environment
Mandate No value
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