Social Impact Bond Toolkit

The Toolkit offers practical tools to help commissioners, providers and intermediaries advance the development of SIBs quickly and cost-effectively. We will expand the range of tools available to develop SIBs over time.

Template SIB Service Agreement Contract
The template is a free resource for SIB developers in the UK to help reduce the time and cost of developing the legal arrangements of a SIB. You can find out more and download the full guidance notes and template contract here.  

Cost-benefit analysis (CBA) guidance and CBA model
This guidance has been designed for local partnerships to assess and evaluate spending proposals. It complements the unit cost data (described below) and can be used by local commssioners, charitable organisations and social enterprises to estimate the fiscal, economic and public benefits that may arise from SIB proposals and how these are apportioned across local and national organisations. Supporting this guidance is a CBA model, available here, that can be used to estimate the costs and benefits of SIB proposals.

Unit cost database 
This unit cost database brings together more than 600 cost estimates in a single place, most of which are national costs derived from government reports and academic studies. The costs cover crime, education and skills, employment and economy, fire, health, housing and social services.  The costs can be used by local commissioners, charitable organisations and social enterprises to inform:

• SIB proposals for new interventions or the redesign of existing public services and
• Feasibility studies and evaluations.

The costs have been quality assured by New Economy in co-operation with HM Government. The data will be reviewed and updated on a regular basis as new research and analysis is published.