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Authorisations Held by FSA Staff

A snap-shot of the numbers of FSA inspection staff (Official Veterinarians and Meat Hygiene Inspectors) designated for red meat, poultry and wild game.

Wedding venue licences

Dataset showing licence applications for venues to be used as wedding venues. The best way to work with this dataset is to save it to your computer and open it in a spread sheet program like...

Official and charity and receptions held at No10

Details of official and charity and receptions held at No10

Passports held

Data showing the types of passports held by Plymouth residents.

Computer-held summary of WPL IA 1

Electronic record of representations contained in Work Parking Levy (WPL) IA 1, with first half of postcode or area of home address and work location where given, and summary of whether...

Stocks of cereals held on farms, England and Wales

Presents data on the quantities of cereals held in stores in England and Wales. Source agency: Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Designation: National Statistics Language:...

Cereals Stocks held by Ports, Co-operatives and Merchants

Provides levels of stocks of wheat, barley, oats and maize in port, co-operative and merchant stores in the UK. Source agency: Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Designation: National...

Wedding & Civil Partnership Venues in the London Borough of Barnet

A list of the [LBB approved premises]( where ceremonies can be directed within...

Chemical Weapons Convention Declarations Databases held on EDU Oil Portal

Details of Chemical Weapons Convention declarations

Children entering detention held solely under Immigration Act powers

Management information on children entering detention, held solely under the Immigration Act powers. Complements statistics published in the publication Control of Immigration

Further Education and Skills: Learner Participation, Outcomes and Level of Highest Qualification Held

Previously published under the name "Post-16 Education", this Statistical First Release covers further education and skills, showing learner participation, outcomes and the level of the highest...

Spreadsheet of Core and Cuttings held by GSNI

Spreadsheet listing a number of boreholes from Northern Ireland and the samples (core and cuttings) held in the GSNI core archive. Additional data associated with these wells are also noted and...

Reserves Held by Schools in Wales

Provides analysis of financial reserves held by schools in Wales. Source agency: Welsh Government Designation: National Statistics Language: English Alternative title: Reserves Held by Schools...

Info held by Capita Recruitment Vetting Service.

Name, address, contact details, date of birth, disclosure reference numbers.

Information held by TMG Criminal Records Bureau

Name, address, contact details, date of birth, disclosure reference numbers.

Jobs held by EEA-born workers earning less than £30,000 per year

This dataset estimate the number and percentage of jobs held by EEA born workers earning less than £30,000 per year in 2017 by industry in London. * The total number of jobs in London broken...

Dwellings held by another social landlord let to homeless acceptances following a nomination by your local authority

The Housing Strategy Statistical Appendix (HSSA) is a statistical return to support the LA's annual Housing Strategy. It is mainly basic and policy orientated data on all tenures within each local...

Data Held In The BGS Laboratory Information Management System

The LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) holds information about the sample preparation and chemical analysis of samples (from internal and external customers) handled by the BGS...

Permanent Milk Quota held by county and holding size

This dataset as reported to the Rural Payments Agency contains permanent Milk Quota held by county and holding size Attribution statement:

Foraging behaviour of Parus major held in temporary captivity

The data set describes foraging decisions by great tits (Parus major), held in temporary captivity. Data were collected from birds caught from forest at the University of Jyväskylä Research...