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Biosphere Isotope Domains GB (V1): Interactive Website

This website provides interactive access to geospatial isotope data for Great Britain. The site includes isotope data for strontium, oxygen and sulphur distributions across Great Britain. The user...

Crown Prosecution Service website data

This dataset includes data about the visits to - and cost of - the CPS website, There is also data about website survey respondents' experience of using the site.

Food Hygiene Ratings website pages

A breakdown of the Food Hygiene Ratings top pages showing page views and unique page views.

Food Hygiene Ratings website traffic

A breakdown of the Food Hygiene Ratings website traffic data showing total number of visits, unique visitors and page views.

Sharp Website Registrations Data

Sharp Website allows for users to register their details for updates. Names, addresses and email addresses held.

Open Central Government Websites

Number of and list of central government open websites.

Expert Domain Database

Customer level details of cases received from Creditors/Local Offices Location: GB wide data Time Period: Under review Update frequency: Updated Daily Financial Information: Included Data: Customer...

Website performance

Our website statistics represent the access and usage records for our domain.

Website Statistics

This Website Statistics dataset has three resources showing usage of the Lincolnshire Open Data website. Web analytics terms used in each resource are defined in their accompanying Metadata...

The Big Tree Plant website forms.

The Big Tree Plant website forms. These are in the form of encrypted emails to the Big Tree Plant mailbox (

Central government websites 2011/12

The 2011/12 report covers websites run by ministerial and non‑ministerial government departments as well as their executive agencies, non‑departmental public bodies and other arm’s‑length public...

IMD Crime Domain 2007

The Index of Multiple Deprivation, which was produced at LSOA level in 2007 and 2004, combines seven distinct domains of deprivation together to give an overall impression of the level of...

CWI Education Domain 2009

The Education Domain includes a variety of education outcomes including attainment, school attendance and destinations at age 16.

List of domain names

The UK Government manages the domain name registry in order to signify digital services that are part of the administration of the state, so that they can be identified as authoritative and...

CWI Housing Domain 2009

Access to housing and quality of housing for children (using census housing indicators)

CWI Environment Domain 2009

The Environment Domain captures aspects of the environment that affect children’s physical well-being (health, exercise and safe, independent mobility). Indicators of the potential of the natural...

Website visitor survey - 2013

external Survey on customer satisfaction regarding EA website Attribution statement: © Environment Agency copyright and/or database right 2016. All rights reserved.

HSE website annual survey

Online customer satisfaction surveys of HSE’s website visitors have been conducted in 2010, 2011 and 2013, by a HSE appointed supplier; the research company Join the Dots. Survey results are... website statistics

Website analytics for between 2009 and 2013

Website analytics for

Daily analytics data on the number of visitors to the council website. Additional information ---------------------- For more information click the following...