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Items of expenditure over £25,000

Individual items of British Council spend over £25,000. This information is published in line with UK Central Government commitment's transparency commitment in 2010 and also under the requirments...

Library Catalogue New Items

An RSS Feed of new items added to the WCC Library Catalogue. Data Items include: Title, Author, Category (may be multiple) and a Description which includes the ISBN reference and year of publication.

Newcastle Libraries catalogue items

Extract from the Library Management System (LMS) showing the items held in the libraries' catalogue. Additional information item = unique number allocated to each copy on our systemrcn = control...

Items over £25k 2017-18

Monthly spend over £25k for 2017-18

Business spending on capital items

Provides information for the national accounts and economists. It is also used to calculate weights for combining appropriate producer price indices for deflating the quarterly capital expenditure...

Water Framework Directive Classification Item Hierarchy

This spreadsheet defines the relationships between Water Framework Directive (WFD) classification items. Classifications are arranged according to the classification hierarchy. Data are sourced...

Tree Preservation Orders schedule items

The dataset contains polygons for Tree Preservation Order Schedule Items within the London Borough of Barnet. Tree Preservation Orders are made by the local planning authority to protect specific...

Defence Logistic Information Item of Supply Information System (ISIS)

Includes information on standards

Configuration Management Changes

Details of changes to configurable items.

ONS VML Business Spend on Capital Items (BSCI)

Survey covering total capital expenditure of businesses.

NHS SWE items of spend over £25,000

A monthly-updated list of all financial transactions spending over £25,000 made by NHS South West Essex, as part of the Government's commitment to transparency in expenditure.

Derelict land

Previously developed land that is unused or may be available for redevelopment by land type and Planning AuthorityNotes: Land so damaged by previous industrial or other development that it is...

Post Inventory

The amount of work on hand for defined items. Updated: monthly.

Configuration Management Notes

Details of notes configurable items. These include Release (a deployment of new/amended Configurable Items), Test Plan, Customer, Solution, Work Order, Private, Risks and Issues, Site Visit,...

Post Inventory

The amount of work on hand for defined work items. Updated: monthly.

Configuration Management Data

Data recording the attributes of items which need to be controlled in order to deliver Land Registry's IT services.

Correspondence & Despatch

Items of correspondence relating to any completed application retained for future reference and any documents issued by Land Registry on completion of an application.

UK Strategic Export Control Lists: The Consolidated List of Strategic Military and Dual-Use Items

The listing of strategic controlled goods which might require an export licence. The list incorporates the UK Military List and the EU Dual-Use List.

Brownfield Register

National Land Use Database of vacant or unused previously developed sites/land.

Brownfield Sites

National Land Use Database of vacant or unused previously developed sites/land.