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Overseas Travel and Tourism

Monthly results on the number of overseas visitors to the UK, UK residents visits abroad, earnings from overseas visits, expenditure of UK residents going abroad. Source agency: Office for...

Tourism - Visitors to Attractions

This dataset shows how many people visited Attractions in Lincolnshire by calendar year. Visitor numbers for a wide range of attractions are shown, along with other key information such as...

Sustainable Tourism

This report from the ONS Tourism Intelligence Unit details recent work undertaken that has been concerned with a review and appraisal of sustainable tourism indicators. This review has drawn on a...

Calderdale Tourism - Business turnover derived from tourism and related expenditure

Data showing business turnover which has derived from Tourism in Calderdale. The PDF report attached explains the impact of Tourism on the local area. For more information on tourism in...

HMRC Air Travel

A spreadsheet containing details of air travel by HM Revenue & Customs during 2011 to 2012.

Calderdale Tourism - Sector breakdown of trip expenditure

Data showing a breakdown of the amount spent on trips to Calderdale and what this was spent on . The attached PDF report shows the tourism impact on Calderdale. For more information on tourism in...

Mixed Employment Recreation & Tourism

Sites allocated for use for mixed employment, recreation & tourism uses or for the intensification of these.

DSA 2013 Recreation and Tourism

Areas of land designated Recreation and Tourism, Policies RT19 and DM11 of Development Site Allocations 2013, polygons

Tourism Spend Estimates

Local Authority level tourist spend estimates (£ millions). Indicitive borough level day visitor estimates for 2007 were derived from the LDA’s own experimental London level day visitor estimates....

% of jobs which are tourism based

% of jobs which are tourism based *This indicator has been discontinued

Sub-National Tourism

Estimates of the economic value of tourism within UK regions, sub-regions and local areas. Includes supply and demand data relating to tourism and tourism industries Source agency: Office for...

GB Tourism Survey

Annual official statistic measuring the volume and value of domestic overnight tourism in Britain. Jointly sponsored by Visit England, Visit Scotland and Visit Wales. Publication schedule for...

The Supply Side of Tourism

This report details various aspects of the supply side of tourism. It includes a national level analysis of Gross Value Added (GVA), turnover and employment in the defined set of tourism...

Tourism Employment Summaries

This release is part of a series of short articles about various aspects of employment in tourism characteristic industries in the UK. Source agency: Office for National Statistics Designation:...

Allerdale Policy Tourism

Allerdale Planning Policy on Tourism as defined in the 1999 Allerdale Local Plan expressed as polygons. Policy updated in 2014 to 2029 with actual end date being indeterminate as individual sites...

Tourism Trips, Borough

London Borough level tourism trip estimates (thousands). The ‘top-down’ nature of the [Local Area Tourism Impact (LATI)...

Ministers travel

Overseas visits made by all ministers costing in excess of £500 in 2009-10

Travel bookings

Data held for travel bookings made through Carlson Wagonlit

Travel bookings

Data held for travel bookings made through Redfern Travel

Travel Bookings

Travel bookings from corporate travel provider, 2010-2013, includes financial data and individual travel events.