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Paper file retrievals from HMRC Document Storage Repositories

Total volumes of all paper files requested from HMRC Document Storage Repositories. Updated: daily required for monthly update.

Cycle Storage

Location and number of cycle storage facilities, including stands, shelters and lockers. Details include: description, number, location, town and geographical co-ordinates.  [Cycle...

Waste treatment and storage

This gives indicative boundaries of the waste management sites known to the County Council. It is intended to assist in the implementation of Policy WCS 16 of the Waste Core Strategy but is not and...

Flood Map for Planning (Rivers and Sea) - Flood Storage Areas

The Flood Map for Planning (Rivers and Sea) includes several layers of information. This dataset covers Flood Storage Areas. It shows those areas that act as a balancing reservoir, storage basin...

Food and You biennial consumer survey (2010, 2012, 2014)

The Food and You survey provides information about reported behaviours, attitudes and knowledge relating to food issues. It provides data on people’s reported food purchasing, storage, preparation,...

Records Storage Volume by Month

Excel sheet provided by Iron Mountain, showing volume of paper records in storage and monthly spend on off-site records service

COLDTREE project data on cold tolerance and dormancy assessments in pine and beech

Summarising, the objectives of the Coldtree project were: To identify novel physiological, and genetic techniques indicative of the onset of winter hardiness and dormancy in woody species and,...

North Lincolnshire Council Waste Treatment and Waste Storage

North Lincolnshire Council Waste Treatment and Waste Storage represented as polygons.

North Lincolnshire Council Waste Treatment and Waste Storage

North Lincolnshire Council Waste Treatment and Waste Storage represented as polygons.

NI Councils Petroleum Storage (Metadata)

Locations of Council Licensed Petroleum Storage Premises in NI

Flood Map: Flood Storage Areas

The Flood Map is a spatial dataset which shows the areas across Wales that could be affected by flooding from rivers or the sea. It also shows flood defences and the areas that benefit from...

Scottish Carbon Capture & Storage (SCCS)

SCCS is the largest Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) research group in the UK. Our internationally renowned researchers provide connected strength across the full CCS chain. With our unique...

Document Management System ("Matrix")

Electronic Document Storage solution for the Department, meeting obligations for Document and Freedom of Information (FOI) Management

Statutory Safeguarding Zones - Bedenham, Fleetlands, Frater - Storage of munitions

Safeguarded area for the storage of defence munitions. Gosport Borough Local Plan 2011-2029 Adopted October 2015. Policy LP15. Within the Borough there are military Safeguarded Areas at Bedenham,...

NIEA - Authorised waste sites (treatment & storage)

Locations of authorised waste sites (permits, licences, exemptions) granted by Northern Ireland Environment Agency (DAERA) under the relevant legislation. Updated on 10/12/18 with data extracted on...

Modelled potential carbon storage based on land cover and published carbon storage values in urban landscapes of the South Midlands

This dataset shows potential carbon storage as modelled for the urban areas of Milton Keynes/Newport Pagnell, Bedford, and Luton/Dunstable, UK. The modelling approach used the ‘InVEST (Integrated...

Carbon capture storage defining boundary of policy CCS1 in the East Inshore and East Offshore marine plans

This dataset has been created to define potential opportunity for carbon capture and storage (CCS1) as shown in the MMO East Inshore and East Offshore marine plans. The data has been derived from...

Mini-catchment weir records from an impact study of drain cleaning on water flows (Coalburn, Scotland)

Coalburn in the north of England is Britain's longest running forest hydrology research catchment, providing a unique record of the long-term effects of conifer afforestation on upland water...

Scottish Carbon Capture & Storage (SCCS) Working Paper 2009-04: Investigating the prospects for Carbon Capture and Storage technology in India

Technical report (2009) commissioned by Christian Aid and written by researchers from the University of Edinburgh and the University of Surrey. It aims to explore the prospects for carbon capture...

NI Councils Petroleum Storage (INSPIRE View Service)

This is a restricted service. Locations of Council Licensed Petroleum Storage Premises in NI. Users outside of the Spatial NI Portal please use Resource Locator 2.