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Reasonable Adjustments

Contains details of equipment provided to employees for non standard adjustments to work stations such as voice recognition software, monitors and non IT items such as orthopaedic chairs and names...

Suspension and Revocation Reasons for Certificates of Competence and Slaughter Licences

Number of instances and reasons for suspension or revocation of Slaughter Licences or Certificates of Competence by year

WFD RBMP2 Reasons for deterioration

This dataset contains reasons for deterioration (RFD) data produced to support the cycle 2 river basin management plans. It contains water bodies that have deteriorated from 'Good' or 'High' to...

DRR (Duly Reasoned Requests)

This is a list of Duly Reasoned Requests from other countries wishing to send wastes for disposal in England Attribution statement: © Environment Agency copyright and/or database right 2016. All...

Existing Waste Locations

North London Waste Plan - Existing Waste Locations

Existing Industrial Areas

Sites primarily for business and industrial use. The limit of each area is recorded as a polygon

LP Minerals Existing Quarry

Minerals Existing Quarry

RBWM Existing Mineral Sites

Location of existing mineral extraction sites within the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead. Data captured as point features.

NHS Workforce - Reasons for Leaving, Staff Movements

NHS Hospital & Community Health Service (HCHS) monthly workforce statistics - Provisional Statistics: Timeseries of Reasons for Leaving and Staff Movements

WFD RBMP2 Reasons for Not Achieving Good Status

This dataset contains reasons for not achieving good status (RNAGS) data produced to support the cycle 2 river basin management plans. It contains water body elements that have a classification...

CORE - Social housing lettings (LA owned) - Reason for housing

This dataset contains responses to the question: In the tenant’s view what was the main reason the household left their last settled home? These data are for new social housing lettings at the...

Reason for migration and labour market characteristics of UK residents born abroad

Analyses the labour market position of foreign born UK residents by their original purpose for migrating.

WFD Catchment Management Information England - Reasons for Failure

This record is for Approval for Access product AfA318 WFD Catchment Management Information England - Reasons for Failure. This dataset sets out the different units used for managing the Water...

Reasons for leaving last job

This release gives information on the reasons why people left their main jobs, focusing on whether the reason they left was voluntary or involuntary. Trends in the rate of people leaving their main...

Dwellings let to existing tenants transferring within the authority's own stock

The Housing Strategy Statistical Appendix (HSSA) is a statistical return to support the LA's annual Housing Strategy. It is mainly basic and policy orientated data on all tenures within each local...

Local Plan 2004 Existing Allotments

Allotments as shown on the 2004 Broxtowe Borough Council Local Plan

PlanMK 2016 - 2031 Employment - Existing

Existing employment areas in Milton Keynes. Taken from Milton Keynes Local Plan 2016 - 31

Deleted - moved to other existing datasets

This data set has been moved.

Plan:MK 2016 - 2031 Employment - Existing

Plan:MK sets out the Council’s strategy for meeting the Borough’s needs until 2031 and sets out the vision and framework for the future development of the area, addressing issues such as housing,...

Local Plan 2004 Existing Open Space

Existing areas of open space as defined in the 2004 Broxtowe Local Plan