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Dynamics Client Relationship Manager

NEST Corporation Client Relationship Management system is a database that enables NESTs Communications and Engagement department to efficiently and securely manage the records of potential and...

Supporting People Client Record

This service provides acces to Client Records, Short-term Outcomes and Long-term Outcomes. The latter two require a password to access the data. The site is run and managed by the Centre for Housng...

Northern Ireland Client Group Analysis

Analysis of administrative data for persons of Working Age and their children and persons over State Pension Age in Northern Ireland. Source agency: Social Development (Northern...

Working Age Client Group (WACG)

The information in this dataset refers to numbers of Working Age Benefit Claimants and is derived from a 100% data source; the Work and Pensions Longitudinal Study (WPLS). The dataset provides...

Pensionable age DWP client group

The information in this dataset refers to numbers of Pensionable Age Benefit Claimants and is derived from a 100% data source; the Work and Pensions Longitudinal Study (WPLS). The dataset provides...

Legal Services Group Advisory Clients Survey

Staff feedback on internal processes and performance

Working Age Client Group (WACG) - Percentages

Percentage of people claiming key benefits as a proportion of the working age population. The information is derived from count data which are already held on the Neighbourhood Statistics website:...

360 Line Manager

Performance Management Feedback system for line managers only.

B-Lines East

Polygon of Eastern network for Buglife's national B-Lines initiativeto focus the creation/restoration of wildflower habitats and help reverse pollinator declines. The East network includes 3km...

London Debt Advice Clients

This dataset combines information on debt advice clients from three agencies working in London. This dataset is built from information recorded by debt advice agencies on their client databases....

Rail Safeguarding Lines

Areas where the railway will be shallow, at or above ground level.They may also include land required permanently for stations, ventilation and access shafts. Here all planning applications must be...

Boundary Lines

'Boundary Lines' define areas within the North Hertfordshire Authority that are Parish, Ward, Settlement and Authority areas.

Defra ODA spend in line with IATI standard

As part of the Government’s Transparency Agenda, all Departments with Official Development Assistance (ODA) allocations are committed to publishing details of how they spend ODA in compliance with...

Defence Commodity Information The Millie On Line Portal

Information relating to the procurement, movement and consumption of commodities within the MOD Master list of all Logistic online forms and Publications

benefit claimants - working age client group

Benefit Claimants data for different types of Geographies

Client Group Analysis Claimants (Statistical Geographies)

The information is aggregated data from a database created by merging all the scans of the main Social Security Benefits. The data is at 1992 ward level.

UKTI Performance and Impact Monitoring Survey (PIMS)

The client surveys involve client interviews that give evidence for the quality of service UKTI provides to business. It is completed by an independent market research company specialising in...

Highway Widening Line

Highway Widening polygon (buffered line) layer records the designated Highway widening areas under Unitary Development Plan Policies UDP TRANS 9 & 10. This Policy area is relevant to Core...

Tunnel Safeguarding Lines

showing areas that TFL consultation is required on planning applications due to tube tunnels running beneath the site.

Local Plan Macclesfield Line

Line data to indicate sites within Macclesfield Borough Local Plan