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Stakeholder management and mailing lists

Lists of customers and stakeholders that are communicated to by the Procurement Policy & Capability Team

GPS customer mailing lists

Lists of customers and stakeholders that are communicated to by GPS and business teams

Shared Services E-Mail System

SSC E-Mail System containing contact details of staff.

European funding and SIBs mailing list

List of contact details of Local Authority and Local Enterprise Partnerships selected to receive a targeted letter from Cabinet Office and DWP relating to European funding and social impact bonds.

Royal Mail Statutory Pension Scheme

Details held by scheme administrators (PSC) under agreement to the Cabinet Office for 400k active, deferred and pensioner members of the RMSPS. Information held on Internal disputes and...

Social Impact Investment Taskforce mailing list

List and contact details of people on the Social Impact Investment Taskforce.

Social Impact Bonds Centre for SIBs mailing list

Includes name, organisation, and contact details of national and international stakeholders with an interest in SIBs.

G8 Social Impact Investment Forum mailing list

List and contact details of people invited to G8 Social Impact Investment Forum.

Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) e-mail

MAIB Inspectors have access to an e-mail system that is separate from, but which complements their ETHOS accounts. This allows them to access their e-mail in the field, and has fewer restrictions...

Driver Details Government Mail

Driver phone and home address next of Kin details

Customer Details Government Mail

Customer details including collection/delivery addresses /contractual info

Mass Spectrometry for Salmonella Detection

Proteomics Mass Spectrometry for Salmonella detection

Rapid Flight Mass Spectrometry

Rapid Analysis of veterinary medicine residues in animal tissues using time of flight mass spectrometry

AddressBase Plus

For direct marketing teams: take your data analysis to the next level by referencing data to individual addresses (such as flats) rather than mail delivery points (houses divided into...


Ordnance Survey's addressing product, AddressBase® matches 29 million Royal Mail postal address to unique property reference numbers (UPRN), bringing a geographical dimension to the matched...

Origin of Gelatine in Chicken by Mass Spectrometry (MS)

Inter-laboratory validation of a method to determine the species of origin of gelatine found in chicken by mass spectrometry

Energy and mass balance characteristics of Peruvian glaciers

Code to compare the mass and energy balance of five Peruvian glaciers, based on outputs from the energy balance model Tethys-Chloris. Also includes code to compare the results of climate...

Permeability Dataset for Great Britain (Mass Movements)

The data comprises GIS layers representing the permeability of mass movement deposits for Great Britain. The permeability data has been derived from DiGMap-GB (Digital Geological Map Data of Great...

Primary 1 Body Mass Index (BMI) statistics

Update of annual statistics on high and low body mass index (BMI) for Primary 1 school children in ten participating NHS Boards in Scotland. Prior to December 2010 this publication was released...

Brominated Flame Retardant (BFR) Mass Balance Study

Mass Balance study to quantify existing Brominated Flame Retardants (BFRs) and identify unknowns, in food and feed.