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Register of Title

A record of legal ownership and certain other legal interests relating to registered land or property.

Title Plan

The official plan produced by Land Registry mapped against the Ordnance Survey map showing the extent of land in an individual registered title including any references to additional detail further...

Title Information

Data associated with registered land or property identified by a title number including the tenure and class of title granted.

The Indemnity Log

Log of claims made against the Indemnity fund.

Freedom of Information case logs

A list of all Freedom of Information case logs for the Food Standards Agency.

Centenarian Log

Database that monitors and controls the process of issuing congratulatory messages by Buckingham Palace or the Secretary of State to customers when they reach their 100th, 105th and consecutive...

Newcastle Libraries catalogue titles

Extract from the Library Management System (LMS) showing the libraries' catalogue of titles held in the collections. Additional information ---------------------- rcn = control number, unique...

Information Management and Security Team Enquiry Log

This dataset is an abridged version of the Information Management and Security Team enquiry log. The log is used to record, track and report on all of the enquiries received by this team at the...

Business Gateway Request/Response Log

A log of requests from customers and responses returned via Land Registry's Business Gateway channel which allows customers’ case management systems to interact with Land Registry systems e-services,

Wiltshire Council - Registered Title

Ownership polygons of land owned by Wiltshire Council

Information Management Awareness Raising Log

This log records the internal awareness raising activities carried out by the Information Management and Security team at the FSA. The data includes a brief description of the awareness raising...

Information Management and Security Incident Logs

Information Management and Security Incident Logs (does not contain Cyber Incidents).

Master Training Log

HMS TURBULENT. Ship's Company Training record for Phase 1, 2, and 3 Officer and Rating trainees.

Freedom of Information Log

Table logging requests, applicant details and compliance information, including response deadlines and details of progress.

Overseas Pensions Systems (PIPS and Complaints Log)

Electronic system for administering payments to former employees of the Colonial Service and their dependants.

Historic Landfill Data Change Log

This dataset shows the details of changes made to the Historic Landfill dataset over a quarter. It is made up of two parts: The first shows queries received and how they were dealt with. Typically...

Marine Accident investigation Branch Incoming Post Log

Record of correspondence received by the Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB).

Complaints log

Log of formal Complaints against the YJB

Complaints Log

Log containing information on complaints the Agency receives about providers of education and training

Newcastle Libraries most borrowed titles : junior fiction

Lists of the 50 most borrowed junior fiction titles across Newcastle Libraries by year. For each title, the dataset includes the name of the author, the number of loans and the number of copies...