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Engagement in Culture, Arts and Leisure by Adults in Northern Ireland

These annual headline figures provide information on adults aged 16 years and over and sport participation; engagement in the arts; use of the public library service; visits to musums; visits to...

Cultural and leisure activities and events: Impact of the economic downturn on participation and attendance

Impact of economic downturn on cultural and leisure activities and events Source agency: Culture, Arts and Leisure (Northern Ireland) Designation: Official Statistics not designated as National...

Leisure Centres

Location of leisure centres owned or operated by Nottingham City Council. The data includes two community-run leisure centres in Nottingham City that are publicly accessible.

Leisure Centre

This is a polygon dataset used to identify Leisure Centres (1996-2005 Adopted Local Plan)

Leisure Centres

Leisure Centres within Bath and North East Somerset

Leisure Centres

shows the location of leisure centres in lambeth

Leisure centres

Details of all leisure centres in North Somerset.

Leisure Centres

Showing location of all leisure centres in London Borough of Lambeth

Leisure locations

London Borough of Barnet funded leisure locations

Digest of statistics for Salmon and Inland Fisheries in the DCAL jurisdiction

This annual series of reports include statistics which provide an overview of the Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure (DCAL) fisheries sector in Northern Ireland. It is accompanied by and...

Leisure Centres

Location of leisure centres within North Ayrshire

Public leisure centres

Spatial dataset of public leisure centres, which are owned by Durham County Council.  Further information ------------------- To find out more about leisure centres, click on the following link...

Cycling - Leisure rides

Leisure rides for cycling in and around Bristol and South Gloucestershire

Allerdale Policy Leisure

Allerdale Planning Policy on Leisure as defined in the 1999 Allerdale Local Plan expressed as polygons. Policy updated in 2014 to 2029 with actual end date being indeterminate as individual sites...

Southend Leisure Centres

This dataset shows the location of the Leisure Centres within Southend. Upon accessing this Licensed Data you will be deemed to have accepted the terms of the Public Sector End User Licence – INSPIRE

Leisure Open Space

Important networks of public open space, natural green space and recreational facilities protected from inappropriate development.

Stockport Leisure Facilities

This dataset contains the locations of leisure facilities in Stockport as at February 2017.

Leisure Centres in Salford

Leisure centres in Salford that are managed by [Salford Community Leisure]( "Salford Community Leisure website"). Details include name. location, contact...

Rochford Leisure Centres

This dataset shows the location of Leisure Centres within the Rochford District. Upon accessing this Licensed Data you will be deemed to have accepted the terms of the Public Sector End User...

CS20 Leisure Quarter

CS20 Leisure Quarter, as defined in the Blackpool Local Plan 2012/2027