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Internet usage

Statistics on usage of the internet in North Yorkshire

Internet Access

This release explores the use of the Internet by adults in Great Britain and draws attention to how households connected to the Internet. It provides useful information for those interested in what...

Internet survey

A literature and internet survey of medicines not authorised in the EU (European Union)

Index of Internet Connectivity

Developed the Index of Internet Connectivity as part of a package of measures to help monitor the UK's use of the Internet and the growth of e-commerce. Source agency: Office for National...

Newcastle Libraries Internet filtering

Newcastle Libraries provide citizens with access to the Internet. On public computers Internet is filtered which means access to some websites is blocked - either because of legal requirements,...

Ferry Routes

Ferry Routes

Cycle Routes

A digital geographical description of the cycle path network that was created for the Transport Direct cycle journey planner. The data describes the cycle route geometry and a variety of features...

Internet Access Quarterly Update

This publication has been discontinued as a result of the ONS Consultation on Statistical Products, 2013. The last edition of the Internet Access Quarterly Update was published on 14 May 2014, for...

Route data

Shape files of current route proposals including alignment and design speed of route

The 2014 Internet User Classification (IUC), LSOA

This bespoke geodemographic classification maps the geography of digital consumers within England by combining over seventy measures selected from survey and lifestyle data, alongside census and...

National Forest Estate Recreaton Routes England 2016

The usage, name and grade of the series of recreation segments that link together to form linear recreation features, for example, mountain bike trails or walking trails. Primary Route...

Routes onto Incapacity Benefit dataset

Anonymised dataset of a two-wave survey of 1,843 people who claimed Incapacity Benefit in 2006/7. The survey looked at factors leading people to claim Incapacity Benefit, including their health,...

Gritting Routes

Details of winter road gritting routes within Salford. For further information see

Walking Routes

shows location of walking routes in lambeth

Gritting Routes

Precautionary Gritting Routes including street names.

England Coast Path Route

Line dataset showing all approved stretches of the England Coast Path Route. The England Coast Path Route is a new National Trail being created by Natural England under the Marine and Coastal...

Routes onto Employment and Support Allowance dataset

Anonymised dataset from a two-wave survey of people who claimed Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) between April and June 2009. The first wave was a face-to-face survey of 3,650 people...

Primary gritting routes

Dataset showing main primary gritting routes in Leeds. Includes information of starting and end points and ward locations. Automated update ---------------- * This dataset is updated...

Cycle Routes in Newcastle

Cycle routes in Newcastle including; \- Shared use \- Advisory \- Mandatory \- Bus lanes \- Highway refers to routes where the cycle track is within the highway, physically separated from...

Cycle routes in Leeds

Dataset showing all the cycle routes (not restricted to cycle lanes) in the Leeds metropolitan district. Please note ----------- * This dataset is reviewed annually but will not be updated if...