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Interactive maps

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy have published a series of interactive maps. The maps bring together BEIS's Local Authority datasets into one place allowing users to...

Design Plan Units

A Spatial dataset. This dispersed dataset shows information on forest plan coverage, approval and expiry on the Public Forest Estate.

Ecosystem Interactions on the Somerset Levels

Report contains data that can be used under Open Government Licence. Following publication of the UK National Ecosystem Assessment in June 2011, and Defra’s promotion of taking an ecosystems...

Ecosystems Interactions - Scaling issues

Report contains data that can be used under Open Government Licence. The project seeks to define key interactions between ecological systems which need to be taken into account for decision making...

UK Designated Points of Entry

List of UK ports approved to accept high risk food of non-animal origin.

Cablemaster Designer

Army App managed by Army Command

Interactive land map

Interactive map of Essex showing land owned by local authorities and central government.

Interactive land map

Interactive map of Essex showing land owned by local authorities and central government.

Active People survey interactive tool

Active People Survey (APS) is a national survey of sports participation which reports at the national, demographic and local level. The survey is an official statistic and has been running since...

Higher Education - Business and Community Interaction Survey

The annual HE-BCI survey examines the exchange of knowledge between universities and the wider world, and informs the strategic direction of 'knowledge exchange' activity that funding bodies and...

Designated Points Of Entry For Plant Health Controlled Material GB

Designated Points of entry for plant health controlled plants / plant products and forestry material. For more information see FC website: Attribution...

Designation Decision Records

Records for sites considered for inclusion on the National Heritage List for England where a decision was made not to designate.

Engineering Design Data

Phase 1 and phase 2 engineering design information

Large businesses and SMEs: exploring how SMEs interact with large businesses

This data describes small and medium enterprise (SME) relationships with large businesses and how these affect SME growth. Provides evidence for a report on the factors that affect growth in medium...

Employment Designation

This is a polygon dataset used to identify Employment Designation and was part of the Adopted Local Plan (1996-2005)

Local Authority Interactive Tool (LAIT)

Local Authority Interactive Tool (LAIT) An interactive spreadsheet for comparing data about children and young people across all local authorities in England. The LAIT presents information in...

Natura 2000 designation type

Designated type information for each Natura 2000 site (SAC and SPA). Special Areas of Conservation (SAC) are strictly protected sites designated under the EC Habitats Directive. Special...

Conservation Designations for UK Taxa

This collection of files detail the conservation designations of over 13,000 UK "taxa" that have been assigned some form of rarity, threat or legal status in Great Britain or the UK. It is a...

Common Database on Designated Areas in the UK

A spatial dataset of the UK's National designations submitted to the Common Database on Designated Areas (CDDA) in March 2016. This is the most up to data copy of the dataset and previous...

Designated Site Features Open Data

This dataset contains a collation of marine habitat and species biotope records created during contracts commissioned by Natural England; collected by Defra and associated bodies/agencies; or...