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Independent Assessor data

Independent assessor personal and contract data. Includes contracts, contact details, performance information, appraisals, issues, length of service, applications and references. Portal log on...

Independent Living Fund recruitment data

Applicant and equal opportunities data. Sensitive personal data.

Independent Living Fund staff data

Staff personal details including contact information, date of birth, National Insurance number, next of kin, pay roll, pensions data, bank details, health information, union membership, staff...

Independent Living Fund complaints data

Complaints database, correspondence with complainants, users, Independent Case Examiner (ICE), Public and Health Service Ombudsman, ILF appeal boards referrals and decisions. Contains personal and...

Independent Living Fund Finance data

Financial transactions data. Contains personal and sensitive data.

Independent Living Fund user data

Case files for individual Independent Living Fund (ILF) users, contains personal and sensitive personal data. Details of name, address, date of birth, financial information and data relating to an...

Independent Living Fund third party data - user files

Award manager, other contacts, payroll companies, accountants. Contains personal data.

Personal Independence Payment

Personal Independence Payment was introduced in April 2013 and has started to replace Disability Living Allowance for disabled people aged 16 to 64. The information recorded includes Name, National...

Non-association independent schools statistics

Ofsted statistics on the inspections and outcomes of non-association independent schools in England.

Personal Independence Payment Statistics

This release will include experimental Official Statistics on PIP caseload by geographical breakdown, main disability, age, mobility award, daily living award, gender and normal and special rules...

Independent Monitoring Board Database

Database containing HR type information for 2000+ IMB current and former members

Independent Living

Independent living accommodation locations in York. For further information please visit [City of York Council's...

Independent Schools

shows the location of childrens services in lambeth

Independent living

This data has been taken from LG Inform at data reference ID 31. It shows the percentage of vulnerable people achieving independent living in Plymouth from...

Non-association independent schools inspections and outcomes: management information

Management information showing in-year and most recent inspections and outcomes.

Independent Monitoring Board Conduct & Discipline Cases

Complaints about IMB members by IMB Members, Staff, detainees or prisoners

Independent Sector Healthcare Providers

Independent Sector Healthcare Providers Contains: Ephp.csv contains parent Independent Sector Healthcare Providers (ISHPs). Note that ISHPs are considered slightly different from those...

Hackney Independent Schools

Independent Schools in Hackney. Information downloaded from Edubase, geocoded using coordinates from Hackney Code Point (OS).

Independent Monitoring Board Appointments Files

HR type information relating to appointment of IMB Members, eg Application forms, interview panel forms, security forms, Ministerial Submissions

Independent Sector Healthcare Provider Sites

Independent Sector Healthcare Provider Sites Contains: Ephp.csv contains parent Independent Sector Healthcare Provider Sites (ISHPs). Note that ISHPs are considered slightly different from...