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Macrolophus Identification

Optimising Macrolophus based Tuta absoluta Integrated Pest Management Strategy: Phase 1 - Identification of species on UK nurseries

User Identification Documents (ID) database

Names and other details of ETHOS users

Gelatine Species Identification

Identifying species of gelatine added to meat products

Automatic Identification System (AIS)

Vessel details are recorded for statistical analysis

Wales' greyseal photo-identification database: EIRPHOT (1992-2016)

This dataset is a catalogue of seal images that were collected as part of the former Countryside Council for Wales (CCW) and Natural Resources Wales' (NRW) seal monitoring and evidence work....

Local tree names, uses and species identification in Mozambique

The dataset includes lists of local tree names, tree species identification and local uses of trees in seventeen different villages across three Districts in Mozambique, Africa. We collated species...

Appointed Inspectors and Identification (ID) Card Database

The Appointed Inspectors and ID Card Database contains basic information on field officers who are currently appointed and have been issued with ID Cards.

Cattle Identification Inspection Database (inc Cobra)

Results of cattle inspections for Great Britain

Mobile Maritime Service Identification (MMSI) Register

Mobile Maritime Service Identification Register. Contains names, address and contact details for vessel owners, and emergency contact details

Location and identification of soil sample sites from the Wolf and Tamar catchment

This dataset contains the codes for water laboratory analysis, sampling dates and locations for soil samples collected from the Tamar catchment in winter 2013/2014 as part of the South West...

Location and identification of water sample sites from the Wolf and Tamar catchments

This dataset contains the codes for water laboratory analysis, water sample identification, sampling dates and locations for water samples collected from the Tamar catchment in winter 2013/2014 as...

FSA Successful Prosecutions

Details of successful food hygiene/food safety and animal welfare/cattle identification/animal by products prosecutions, including fine amounts awarded, undertaken by Food Standards Agency.

OS MasterMap® Imagery Layer

The OS MasterMap Imagery Layer is a maintained seamless digital dataset of high-quality 24-bit colour orthorectified aerial photography of Great Britain. It provides vital information that cannot...

Separated Service

System that enables the users to identify which service personnel have undertaken large quantities of Separated Service. This is to aid the Army planning in identification of potential people to...

Statistical neighbours benchmarking tool

Identification of statistical neighbours and range of key demographic indicators for comparison Source: Department for Children Schools and Families (DCSF) Publisher: Department for Children...

OS Open Names

Keywords: Cities, Towns, Rivers, Postcodes OS Open Names is a geographic directory that contains basic information about identifiable places (Named Place). The content of the Product is...

Forest Reproductive Materials Sites GB

Forest Reproductive Material (FRM) is the generic name for the seeds, cones, cuttings and planting stock used in forest establishment. The attributes of each polygon in this dataset are restricted...

NI 010 - Visits to museums and galleries

Museums and galleries have a range of local impacts, including promoting education and well-being and a sense of identification with their locality. The national Taking Part survey has demonstrated...

Infaunal taxonomic analysis (abundance and biomass) data from North Sea and North East Scotland

Infaunal taxonomic analysis from survey 0911S on the research vessel Scotia. This was a Scottish Marine Protected Areas (SMPA) site identification survey.

PAYE data

PAYE data received from HMRC to enable the identification of employers who are required to comply with Automatic Enrolment duties. De-personalised.