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Children in Care: Substance misuse

Substance misuse of looked after children (looked after for at least twelve months) Source: Department for Children Schools and Families (DCSF) Publisher: Department for Children Schools and...

Hazardous Substance Consent

Information is held relating to Hazardous Substance Consent Applications. These are submitted by Hazardous Substance Authorities, and the dataset used to track the progress of these applications...

Radioactive Substances Register

This dataset is static as of April 2010. The data is no longer updated. The data has been superceded by a new dataset, the metadata for which can be found here:...

NI 115 - Substance misuse by young people

Percentage of respondents to the survey reporting either frequent misuse of drugs or alcohol or both. "National Indicator" datasets such as this one are discontinued. The data for all 200...

NI 115 Substance misuse by young people

Percentage of respondents to the survey reporting either frequent misuse of drugs or alcohol or both. Source: TellUs3 Survey: DCSF Publisher: Department for Children Schools and Families...

Radioactive Substances Permits Corporate Entities

This dataset comprises basic details of Environmental Permitting Regulations Radioactive Substances Regulation permits that were placed on the public register and that are in force or were recently...

Farm Household Income and Household Composition, England

Information on farm household income and farm household composition. Source agency: Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Designation: National Statistics Language: English Alternative title:...


Dataset showing hazardous substances safeguarding areas

Hazardous Substances Consent Register

The Council is required by Regulation 28 of the Hazardous Substances Act 1990 to maintain a register of applications lodged with it under the Act.

Substance Misuse in Wales

This statistical release provides information on Substance Misuse in Wales, including data on activity by drug and alcohol treatment services in Wales. Source agency: Welsh...

household characteristics

tenure trends at national and regional levels; cross-tenure comparisons of characteristics of households and their accommodation; overcrowding and under-occupation; need for specially adapted...

WFD Cycle 2 Priority Substances Classification

This dataset is a subset of the "WFD Classification Status Cycle 2" product and contains classification data for the sub element Priority Substances (abbreviated to PS) as used in the assessment...

Households in temporary accommodation per 1000 households, England, District

This dataset contains the numbers of households accommodated by local authorities per 1000 households, broken down by local authority. The term "Homelessness" is often considered to apply only to...

North Lincolnshire Council Hazardous Substances

North Lincolnshire Council Hazardous Substances digitised with reference to Ordnance Survey MasterMap.

Camden Substance Misuse Needs Assessment

This public health intelligence profile describes the patterns in alcohol and substance misuse prevalence and treatment in Camden.

Household estimates and projections

Household projections are trend-based and indicate the number of additional households that would form if recent demographic trends continue.

Projections of Households in England

National statistics on the projected number of households in England and its regions to 2033. The figures in this release are based on the 2008-based population projections and replace the...

Household estimates and Projections

Household estimates and projections, by household type, by age of household reference person, for older people, components of household growth, variant household projections

Household Tracker Survey

Social research on attitudes towards and awareness of the Green Deal. Data available as part of commisioned research contract

Households on the housing register

Total number of households on housing register and dwellings required Source: Housing Strategy Statistical Appendix, Communities and Local Government (CLG) Time coverage: 2004 to 2006