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Bradford gritting

Bradford has a priority network that we monitor and grit; this includes bus routes, roads that carry the highest amount of traffic and includes access to hospitals and schools. During especially...

Grit Bins

Grit Bin including, types, reference number and location in XY format which has been derived from Ordnance Survey base layer maps. (C) Crown copyright \[and database rights\] (2015) OS (licence...

Gritting Routes

Precautionary Gritting Routes including street names.

Grit bins

Location of public Grit Bins

Gritting Routes

Details of winter road gritting routes within Salford. For further information see

Grit Bins

Location of Grit Bins in Sheffield

Grit bin locations

Grit bin locations showing council grit bin id number and x and y co-ordinates. Automated update ---------------- * This dataset is updated automatically annually by 30th April each year. * ...

Primary Grit Roads

Primary Grit Priority Roads for Lewisham Borough

Winter Gritting Routes

North Somerset Council's Winter Gritting Routes

Primary gritting routes

Dataset showing main primary gritting routes in Leeds. Includes information of starting and end points and ward locations. Automated update ---------------- * This dataset is updated...

Priority gritting routes

Primary and Secondary gritting routes in Sheffield

Grit Bin - Moray

Grit Bin Locations (Moray)

Gritting Routes - Scotland

Each local authority creates gritting routes and regimes to keep their most important roads (and in some cases footpaths) and networks clear come bad winter weather. Most LAs create these as line...

Sunderland Priority Two Gritting Routes

List of roads classified as priority two gritting routes across the City of Sunderland. These are knows as distributory and important local routes.

Sunderland Priority One Gritting Routes

List of roads classified as priority one gritting routes across the City of Sunderland. These are knows as stratigic routes.

Gritting routes - City of Edinburgh

This dataset shows priority 1 road gritting routes, priority 1 pavement gritting routes and local priority pavement gritting routes.

Gritting Routes - North Ayrshire

Winter Gritting Routes within North Ayrshire

Grit bins - City of Edinburgh

Locations of grit bins within the City of Edinburgh Council area.

Grit Bins - North Ayrshire

Location of winter grit bins within North Ayrshire

Derby City Council Winter Gritting Routes

Shows routes that are gritted by the council when required during winter, recorded as lines. Routes gritted by other agencies are also shown in another colour