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Child Benefit Annual Geographical Statistics

Child Benefit claimants and children as at 31st August. Geographical analysis down to local authority level.

List and geographical location of badger isolates genotyped to July 2015.

Data relating to 5661 badger isolates of bovine tuberculosis genotyped at APHA, Weybridge to July 2015. Including: date isolate was cultured, database holding the data, geographical location...

FCO index of Geographical Names

This is the current Foreign & Commonwealth (FCO) list of approved British English-language names and descriptive terms for countries.

Geographic Lookups for London

This dataset contains a range of geographiv lookup files to scale between different areas in London. The following files are provided: * [2001...

Index of Deprivation 2007 - Geographical Barriers Sub-domain

ID 2007: Geographical Barriers to Services subdomain (distances from a range of key local services) Source: Communities and Local Government (CLG): ID 2007 Publisher: Communities and Local...

Index of Deprivation 2004 - Geographical Barriers Sub-domain

ID 2004: Geographical Barriers to Services Subdomain (distances from a range of key local services) Source: Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (ODPM): ID 2004 Publisher: Communities and Local...

Port Locations

Port Locations

Prison locations

Available as a search tool at

Court locations

List of all courts in England and Wales. Search tool with an API Beta-service at the moment.

Petrol Station Locations

Petrol Station Locations This data is commercial data

Geographic Variations in Health (DS No.16)

This volume builds on the tradition of undertaking in-depth analyses of mortality by area in decennial supplements to annual statistical publications. It covers the 1990s and, for the first time,...

UK Location Catalogue Publishing Service

The OGC CSW / INSPIRE Discovery Service for the UK Location catalogue. Note: the OGC Harvest / INSPIRE Publish operation is implemented by

Taxi rank locations

Taxi rank locations

Lighthouse Locations - RIMNET

Lighhouse locations hosting RIMNET monitoring equipment

Speed Camera Locations

Speed Camera Locations

Police station locations

Location and contact deails for police stations on

Child and Working Tax Credit (CTC) and (WTC) and children in out of work household geographical analysis for Local Authorities

This data provides bi-annual analysis of the number of children and families receiving Child Tax Credit (CTC) or working Tax Credit (WTC) and whether they are in out of work households. This data...

Geographic Patterns of Cancer Survival in England

One-year and five-year relative survival estimates for adult patients diagnosed with one of eight cancers in England. Results are presented by commissioning region, and TBC. Source agency:...

Armed Forces by stationed location

UK Regular Forces: stationed location Source: Joint Personnel Administration (JPA) Publisher: Defence Analytical Services and Advice (DASA) Geographies: Local Authority District (LAD),...

Big Tree Plant Scheme Locations England 2013/2014

This dataset has ben superseded by the following dataset, which contains all years and accuracy of site location has been improved: This data shows...