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Experimental work on Ivrea ultramafic pipe material (NERC Grants NE/M010848/1, NE/M011615/1)

Results of piston cylinder experiments on lower-crustal material from the Ivrea Zone, Italian Alps. Natural sulfides and sulfide-silicate mixes from lower crustal cumulates were heated and...

QICS Data: Effect of a controlled sub-seabed release of CO2 in Ardmucknish Bay on microbial activity (2012 - 2014)

The response of the benthic microbial community to a controlled sub-seabed CO2 leak was assessed using quantitative PCR measurements of benthic bacterial, archaeal and cyanobacteria/chloroplast 16S...

Meteorological Data from BGS Virkisjökull-Falljökull Glacier Observatory, 2009-2020

This dataset presents meteorological records from 3 weather stations around a glacier in southeast Iceland from 2009-2020. The weather stations were installed as part of British Geological Survey’s...