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Operational overseas nuclear installations

World Nuclear Associatoin database of operational nuclear installations

Nuclear Emergency Planning Zones

Detailed Emergency Planning Zones for licensed sites in the UK

Nuclear Accident Model - RIMNET

Plume prediction modelling for radiological emergencies

UK National Nuclear Database - RIMNET

Radiological and other Environmental Monitoring & Reference Data For information sharing and emergency response

Global Threat Reduction Programme Nuclear Security Access List

Details of individuals with clearance to access various international nuclear installations

Bradwell Nuclear Power Station 5 Mile Zone

This is a polygon dataset used to identify Bradwell Nuclear Power Station 5 Mile Zone and was part of the Adopted Replacement Local Plan (2005)

Nuclear Test Vets (Radiation Appeals)

Details of veterans claims

Predicted Caesium-137 deposition from atmospheric nuclear weapons tests

Prediction of Caesium-137 (Cs-137) deposition from atmospheric nuclear weapons tests. The methodology uses a ratio of Cs-137 deposition and precipitation measured at Milford Haven by the Atomic...

Annual innovation report

Data used in the Annual innovation report 2012. The fourth annual innovation report that gives the latest available evidence on UK innovation performance and the contribution of business,...

Mini-catchment weir records from an impact study of drain cleaning on water flows (Coalburn, Scotland)

Coalburn in the north of England is Britain's longest running forest hydrology research catchment, providing a unique record of the long-term effects of conifer afforestation on upland water...

Statutory Safeguarding Zone

Dataset shows statutory safeguarding zone around nuclear power station

Building Control Applications Public vw

Building Control Applications from 1990 (excluding nuclear sites)

Nirex Analogue (Paper) Records

The paper archives comprise a set of the factual and interpretative reports that document the investigations carried out by Nirex (Nuclear Industry Radioactive Waste Executive) and its contractors....

UK Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI)

The fourth Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) report covers payments and data for the 2017 calendar year and includes a short summary of the UK extractives sector and a...

Information about the Impacts and related Projects on the Community of Stockland Bristol, of the Site Preparation for Hinkley Point C Nuclear Power Station

This data contains Information about the Impacts and related Projects on the Community of Stockland Bristol, of the Site Preparation for Hinkley Point C Nuclear Power Station. The system uses...

Nirex reference drawings

A collection of reference drawings relating to investigations carried out by Nirex, during the period from 1989 to 1997. The drawings summarise the status of the geological investigation at...

Radiation epidemiological databases and data (Centre for Radiation, Chemical and Environmental Hazards-CRCE)

Epidemiological databases (and data) used for analyses of radiation workers and nuclear weapons test participants.

Nirex 3-D Modelling Data.

During the interpretation of the geological structure of the Sellafield site, a series of 3-D models were created using EarthVision and Vulcan software. These models have been imported into the...

Central Index of Dose Information

Central Index of Dose Information holds the following information; Approximately 283,032 individual records (as of 22/08/2013), which include personal details and annual summaries of ionising...

Nirex Petrological Samples And Records.

As an integral part of the investigations carried out at Sellafield, and to a lesser extent for the Dounreay boreholes, the cores from the boreholes were systematically examined by geologists and...