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Expert Domain Database

Customer level details of cases received from Creditors/Local Offices Location: GB wide data Time Period: Under review Update frequency: Updated Daily Financial Information: Included Data: Customer...

Zoos Expert Committee data

Information about individual past and present members of the Zoos Forum - the Government’s independent advisory body on zoos matters.

Trade Control & Expert System – Products of Animal Origin

High-risk products of animal origin imported into the United Kingdom via approved designated ports.

Trade Control & Expert System – Food of Non-Animal Origin

High-risk food of non-animal origin imported into the United Kingdom via approved designated ports.

Life Opportunities Survey

Comparison of how disabled and non-disabled people participate in society in a number of life areas and the reasons why people do not take part in these areas as much as they would like to. It ran...

Community Life Survey

The Community Life Survey is designed to track the latest trends and developments across areas key to encouraging social action and empowering communities. Topics covered include social action,...

Life expectancy at birth

The indicator measures the change in Life expectancy at birth in Working Neighbourhood Fund (WNF) areas which are also Spearhead areas. Source agency: Communities and Local...

Life in the UK test data

This page contains information on the Life in The UK Test Data and includes the number of tests taken, pass rate, by region, settlement or citizenship.

Life science sector data

This annual report includes charts on the UK life science sector, and how it compares to other countries. Areas covered include: UK industry research and development regulatory...

WFD Cycle 2 expert judgement water body classification

This dataset is a subset of "WFD Classification Status Cycle 2" dataset. We use professional Expert Judgement (EJ) assessments to derive classifications for water bodies where we have no...

End of Life Vehicles targets database

A listing of the annual reuse, recycling and recovery target performance achieved by vehicle manufacturers and Authorised Testing Facilities (ATFs)

Work-life Balance - Employers and Employees

Data relating to work life balance - these are a series currently at number 4 of each

Hodgkin's Expert Advice Tool (HEAT)

System which records call logs, hardware inventory and internal customer contact profiles

Quality Of Life

Each year a survey called 'Quality of Life in Your Neighbourhood' is carried out. Bristol residents are asked to help monitor the Quality of Life in Bristol. The information provided from this...

Life Expectancy

This interactive mapping tool allows you to analyse trends in life expectancy by local areas in the UK from 2000-02 onwards. The tool shows how life expectancy has changed over time and enables...

Life Expectancy

Data showing life expectancy in Plymouth's neighbourhoods. Disclaimer - Please note that this Data is open on Local Health and Terms and conditions are NOT for commercial use

Healthy life

Health life expectancy by regions, listing includes data for Males and Females up to certain ages. Life expectancy (LE) is an estimate of how many years a person might be expected to live, whereas...

Life Expectancy

Life expectancy is a summary measure of the all-cause mortality rates in an area in a given period. It shows an estimate of the average number of years a newborn baby would survive if he or she...

Subjective wellbeing, 'Life Satisfaction', standard deviation

Standard deviation of responses for 'Life Satisfaction' in the First ONS Annual Experimental Subjective Wellbeing survey. The Office for National Statistics has included the four subjective...

Subjective wellbeing, 'Life Satisfaction', average rating

Average (mean) rating for 'Life Satisfaction' by County and Unitary Authority in the First ONS Annual Experimental Subjective Wellbeing survey, April 2011 - March 2012. The Office for National...