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Expert Domain Database

Customer level details of cases received from Creditors/Local Offices Location: GB wide data Time Period: Under review Update frequency: Updated Daily Financial Information: Included Data: Customer...

Outward Foreign Affiliates Statistics

This survey measures turnover, employment and the number of foreign affiliates of multinational enterprises where the ultimate controlling institution is within the UK. It looks at foreign...

Zoos Expert Committee data

Information about individual past and present members of the Zoos Forum - the Government’s independent advisory body on zoos matters.

Trade Control & Expert System – Products of Animal Origin

High-risk products of animal origin imported into the United Kingdom via approved designated ports.

Trade Control & Expert System – Food of Non-Animal Origin

High-risk food of non-animal origin imported into the United Kingdom via approved designated ports.

WFD Cycle 2 expert judgement water body classification

This dataset is a subset of "WFD Classification Status Cycle 2" dataset. We use professional Expert Judgement (EJ) assessments to derive classifications for water bodies where we have no...

Hodgkin's Expert Advice Tool (HEAT)

System which records call logs, hardware inventory and internal customer contact profiles

Public Relations and Affilliations Manag

Public relations data - HMS BULWARK A record of affiliations and public relations data.

Details of all security clearances for BIS and Partner Organisations

Sensitive and personal information. Contains records of all security clearances at National Security Vetting level and Baseline Personnel Security Standard for BIS staff, DECC, Other Government...

Record of expert inputs shaping future city discourses for Urban Living Birmingham

The dataset consists of the transcripts of expert inputs considering how the conceptual thinking for both ‘smart’ and ‘natural or biophilic’ cities could combine to inform future urban...

List of Current Councillors for Monmouthshire County Council

An XML file listing the current Councillors of Monmouthshire along with their contact details, party information and committee affiliations.


Deployable Civilian Experts (DCE) and Civil Service Stabilisation Cadre (CSSC) Management Database.

HMRC Tax Transparency Sector Board

The primary purpose of the Tax Transparency Sector Board is to drive the Departmental transparency agenda and the release of HMRC information in line with the Commissioners for Revenue and Customs...

Data View and Galena

A set of inter-connecting Access databases and an Oracle BI data warehouse used by specialist HR data experts. Provide the single source of Hannigan-compliant anonymised HR data for key performance...

Aggregate Levy Sustainability Fund (ALSF): grab sample data

Investigation of benthic faunal characteristics of gravel seabed areas off the South Coast of the UK in the Eastern Channel. Data verified in-house. All data collected, analysed and verified by...

Pesticide Residues in Food

The data set shows pesticide residues in different foods types, presented in 2 different table formats. The BNA format focusses on details of individual samples including brand name and origin and...

JNCC's Marine Monitoring Method Finder

The Marine Monitoring Method Finder brings together a wide range of monitoring guidelines and procedures, and makes them readily available for use via a spreadsheet tool and search bar on our...

Outer Thames Estuary Sandbank Study

Pilot survey carried out on subtidal sandbanks at the approaches to the Outer Thames Estuary, as part of a project to identify potential SACs which are not connected to the coast. The purpose of...

Broadscale habitat (EUNIS level 3) for Markham's Triangle recommended Marine Conservation Zone (rMCZ)

Updated habitat map resulting from an integrated analysis of the dedicated 2012 survey (CEND8/12a) data for Markham's Triangle rMCZ. Map created via unsupervised classification and expert...

2015 - 2020 Centre for Environment, Fisheries & Aquaculture Science (Cefas) Expert consultation and Epidemiological study results for fish parasites Ceratothoa oestroides, Enteromixum leei and Sparicotyle chrysophrii

This dataset comprises the results of an expert consultation and epidemiological study conducted by Cefas and partners, as part of the Parafish Control project. The data were collected in order...