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Existing Industrial Areas

Sites primarily for business and industrial use. The limit of each area is recorded as a polygon

Existing Playing Field

Existing playing fields which act as stepping stones to improve connectivity between core areas enabling species to move, feed, disperse, migrate or reproduce.

RBWM Existing Mineral Sites

Location of existing mineral extraction sites within the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead. Data captured as point features.

LP Minerals Existing Quarry

Minerals Existing Quarry

Existing Waste Locations

North London Waste Plan - Existing Waste Locations

Deleted - moved to other existing datasets

This data set has been moved.

Local Plan 2004 Existing Allotments

Allotments as shown on the 2004 Broxtowe Borough Council Local Plan

NYMNPA Helmsley Plan Existing Commitment

Current commitment of residential development for Helmsley Plan. This is a joint plan created by North York Moors National Park Authority and Ryedale District Council and forms part of the National...

Local Plan - Existing Planning Permissions

Copeland Local Plan 2001 - 2016 (Adopted June 2006). Land designated for housing purposes including sites in which have planning permission. Upon accessing this Licensed Data you will be deemed to...

Lichfield District Council Existing Industrial Area

The existing industrial area of Lichfield District Council. Captured as polygons against open source base mapping. All data released is open source with all restricted data removed.

Dwellings let to existing tenants transferring within the authority's own stock

The Housing Strategy Statistical Appendix (HSSA) is a statistical return to support the LA's annual Housing Strategy. It is mainly basic and policy orientated data on all tenures within each local...

Ryedale District Council Existing Open Spaces

Existing Open Spaces for Ryedale District Council Local Planning Authority Area

Derbyshire Dales EC4 - Existing Employment Sites

2017 Local Plan existing employment sites in the Derbyshire Dales District Council planning area. This is the part of the Derbyshire Dales which lies outside the Peak District.

Ryedale District Council Existing Industrial/Business Area

Existing Industrial/Business Area for Ryedale District Council Local Planning Authority Area

Local Plan 2004 Existing Open Space

Existing areas of open space as defined in the 2004 Broxtowe Local Plan

LP Minerals Area of Preferred Extension to Existing Salt Mine

Area of Preferred Extension to Existing Salt Mine

LP Minerals Area of Preferred Extension to Existing Silica Sand Quarry

Area of Preferred Extension to Existing Silica Sand Quarry

Website satisfaction Survey

Results of customer satisfaction surveys on existing system and customer recommendations for improvements.

Prospect Lists

Lists of companies and citizens who are not existing Land registry customer and to whom the Land Registry wishes to make an unsolicited approach.

Land Registry Portal System Survey

Results of customer satisfaction survey on existing Land Registry Portal system and customer recommendation for improvements.