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Estates Data

Data regarding FSA estates. It covers running costs and space per FTE and workstation. The figures are used to benchmark against other government departments and the private sector. We are able...

Estates Applications for Payment

Invoices for Estates related work.

Estates Applications for Payment

Invoices for Estates related work.

Estates Cost Plans

Financial cost options for the implementation of estates related activity.

Annual report of incidents - Food Standards Agency

The release includes an appendix presenting numbers and types of incidents, reported to the Food Standards Agency, that have the potential to impact on the safety of food. The release adopts a...

Workforce Management Information - Food Standards Agency

Monthly management information on staff numbers and paybill costs in the Food Standards Agency. For workforce numbers, both payroll and non-payroll (contingent labour, including consultants)...

Exceptions to spend controls (National Crime Agency)

These documents contain details of exceptions to the government’s moratorium on third-party spend at the National Crime Agency. The areas covered are: - ICT - Recruitment - New property...

Spend over £25,000 in the Food Standards Agency

A monthly-updated list of all financial transactions spending over £25,000 made by the Food Standards Agency, as part of the Government's commitment to transparency in expenditure.

Food Standards Agency : Business Appointment Rules

All outside appointments or employment taken up by former HMRC staff at senior civil service levels SCS1 and SCS2.

Food Standards Agency File Plan

This dataset shows the top two levels of the file plan which is used to structure records stored in Wisdom, the FSA Electronic Document Management System. The file plan is a two level list of the...

Estates Payments applications for Payment

Invoices for Estates related work. Updated: daily.

Formal Complaints about the Food Standards Agency

Complaints about the Food Standards Agency handled under stage 1 to 3 of the formal complaints process.

Food Standards Agency spending controls - approved exemptions

As part of the government's commitment to greater transparency, the FSA publishes quarterly data summaries of expenditure approvals for ICT, advertising and marketing, recruitment, property and...

Workforce management information (National Crime Agency)

Data showing the number of staff employed at different grades in the National Crime Agency.

Estates Cost Plans

Financial cost options for the implementation of estates related activity.

National Forest Estate Rides England 2016

This dataset shows forest rides. These are linear gaps in woodland areas which may or may not be navigable but are often valuable ecological corridors. Attribution statement: Contains OS data ©...


This dataset is a product of the Land Transaction layer within ForesterWeb used for maintaining estate transactions. Ownership relates estates acquisitions held in ForesterWeb, that is used to...

National Forest Estate Quarry England 2016

This quarries dataset contains records of active and disused quarries on the National Forest Estate. As a new dataset it is yet to be fully populated. Attribution statement: Contains OS data ©...

Bona Vacantia Unclaimed Estates and Adverts

The Bona Vacantia Division advertises the estates of deceased persons for kin to identify their own entitlement. The list available below contains all unclaimed estates held by the Bona...

Food Standards Agency - Annual Reports and Consolidated Resource Accounts

Food Standards Agency annual report and consolidated resource accounts covering performance and activities.