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Seed production and seedling survival in a stand of Corsican pine in Southern Britain

There is much literature on natural regeneration which emphasizes the importance of good seed year, but few authors consider seed input in terms of the combination of seed quantity (i.e. number of...

IODP exp 366 sample description, bulk rock and in situ geochemical analyses (NERC grant NE/P020860/1)

The data include:- sample description file: sample full names, site, hole, depth etc., a quick petrographic description of the sample and the embedding serpentinite mud, and information regarding...

The Geochemistry of Fossil Pigment Preservation (NERC grant NE/J023426/1)

These data represent a massive synchrotron based programme to study ancient life. Not all of these data have been processed yet, nor have we published all of the results that we intend to. These...