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Accident and emergency statistics

Attendances at accident & emergency departments, minor injury units and walk in centres Source: Department of Health (DoH) Publisher: Department of Health Geographies: Primary Care Trust...

Accident and Emergency Activity

A&E activity; total time spent in A&E from arrival to admission, discharge or transfer and waiting for emergency admission through A&E. Source agency: Health Designation: Official...

Children Order Statistical Trends

Following consultation with and having considered the feedback received from users’, Community Information Branch plan to combine ‘CHILDREN ORDER STATISTICAL TABLES’ and ‘’CHILDREN ORDER...

Transport Trends, Great Britain

The edition has been cancelled for operational reasons. Source agency: Transport Designation: National Statistics Language: English Alternative title: Transport Trends, Great Britain

The Trends in Mathematics and Science Study

The Trends in Mathematics and Science Study is an international survey of the educational achievement of the equivalent of year 5 and year 9 pupils across the world organised by the IEA. A total of...

Energy Trends: quarterly data

Statistics providing a comprehensive picture of energy production and use in the UK. Source agency: Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Designation: National Statistics Language:...

Rail Commercial Emergency Manual

Emergency Manual for Rail Commercial

Accident & Emergency Care Statistics

This publication presents information on annual activity at emergency care departments in Northern Ireland. It details information on new attendances, planned & unplanned re-attendances,...

Nuclear Emergency Planning Zones

Detailed Emergency Planning Zones for licensed sites in the UK

Business continuity/emergency plans

Business Continuity/Emergency Plans - CD staff contact details. Name, out of hours contact telephone numbers.

Emergency Services

shows the location of emergency service sites in lambeth

National Rail Trends (NRT) data

Office of Rail Regulation (ORR) supply privileged pre-release access to statistics for National Rail trends (NRT) publications

Energy Trends and Prices: monthly data

Provides statistics on energy prices and monthly production and consumption of coal, electricity, gas, oil and total energy in the UK. Source agency: Business, Energy and Industrial...

Stroke: Emergency hospital admissions

The number of finished and unfinished continuous inpatient spells (CIPS) for patients of all ages with an emergency method of admission and with any of the following primary diagnoses 1)...

Trends in populations of selected butterfly species - UK

These indicators on butterflies in the United Kingdom contribute to a suite of indicators in the UK Biodiversity Indicators. Early data availability allows their release ahead of that...

Trends in populations of selected species (wild birds)

UK wild bird populations is now available from here: Trends in populations of selected species (wild birds)

Trends in populations of selected butterfly species - England

These statistics on widespread butterflies on farmland and in woodland in England, contribute to a suite of indicators due to be updated later this year (Biodiversity 2020 indicators for England);...

Birth trends in London

This Intelligence Unit Update (08-2016) analyses a range of data for London and the rest of the country, looking at trends in the number and patterns of births, and potential subsequent impacts on...

Travel Trends

Presents the main annual results from the International Passenger Survey (IPS), which collects information from passengers as they enter or leave the UK by the principal air, sea and tunnel...

Pension Trends

Pension Trends provides a statistical backdrop for the debate on pensions. It looks at changes in pension provision over time in the context of social and economic developments and changes in the...