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Electronic File Series 2004-2013

The data provides a list of Food Standards electronic file series from 2004-2013, their function and quantity of records preserved from each. The current FSA file plan can be found in the dataset...

Historical Copies Electronic Applications Survey

Results of customer survey about applications for copies of historical editions of the register/title plan held in electronic form applications becoming electronic applications. Monday June 18 2012

Community Activity

The number of staff days spend on defined community activities. Updated: monthly.

Defra electronic legal deposit

It is a statutory requirement for Defra to notify the British Library of new publications. This data is compiled from information on the GOV.UK website. Attribution statement:

Supporting Communities in Neighbourhood Planning

These tables show areas allocated grant and direct support since 1st May 2013

Electronic purchasing card solution use - HM Revenue & Customs

HMRC publishes details of all spending over £500 using an electronic purchasing card solution (ePCS) on a monthly basis. The ePCS has replaced the government procurement card (GPC). Note: In...

High Speed Rail consultation (electronic)

Responses received to the 2011 High Speed Rail consultation (web, e-mail, scanned version of hard copy responses). Dataset contain personal information including name, address, postcode, email...

Homes and Communities Agency Housing Statistics

Starts and completions of housing under HCA schemes. Covers England excluding London with the exception of schemes administered by the HCA on behalf of the Greater London Authority, where the...

Electronic Seeds Plant (ESP)

Plant Seed Certification on-line. Electronic data delivery for the seeds and plant breeding industry.

Dartford Crossing (electronic)

Payment System - Names, addresses (inc e-mail), telephone numbers, vehicles registration, bank / credit card details, for users of DART-Tag.

Aerospace and Electronic Cost Indices

Contains cost indices (purchase of materials and fuels, earnings and National Insurance, general expenses and combined costs) relating to four aerospace and electronics industries. The data are...

Citizenship Survey: Community Spirit Topic Report

This report looks at people's views of their communities, their neighbourhoods, and their local areas using findings from the Citizenship Survey. This report has been re-packaged from previous...

Workforce Management Information - Department for Communities and Local Government

Monthly management information on staff numbers and paybill costs in Civil Service departments, their agencies and their executive NDPBs. For workforce numbers, both payroll and non-payroll...

Homes and Communities Agency National Housing Statistics

Starts and completions of affordable housing under HCA schemes. Source agency: Communities and Local Government Designation: Official Statistics not designated as National Statistics Language:...

Community order

Persons starting Suspended Sentence Order (SSO) supervision by the Probation Service by region and area Source: Ministry of Justice (MoJ) Publisher: Ministry of Justice Geographies: Police Force...

Communities and Local Government group historic spending data

Communities and Local Government group historic spending data

Community networks

Community networks comprises a list and descriptions of the various groups and sub-groups to which organisations and individuals can subscribe

Missing Trader Intra Community (MTIC) data

Historical amounts of VAT repayments and traders with an MTIC interest set on HMRC systems. Updated: monthly. Data coverage: 2002/03

National Forest Estate Communications England 2016

This dataset shows telephone lines within or near the National Forest Estate. Classified as Overhead or Underground with additional records for some radio or fiber lines. Attribution statement:...

Community Forest Species Trial (Rockbeare 1998)

A series of species trials were set up to investigate the establishment and early growth (up to 14 years old) of 44 native and non-native tree species on a variety of different site types in...