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NI 040 Number of drug users recorded as being in effective treatment

The change in the number of drug users (using crack and/or opiates) in treatment in a financial year, who are still in continuous treatment, who are discharged from the treatment system after 12...

Earthquake hazard from 36-Cl exposure dating of elapsed time and Coulomb stress transfer (NERC grant NE/I024127/1)

Data derived from NERC grant NE/I024127/1 1) 36Cl data and supporting chemistry. This folder contains the 36Cl concentration data, data on sample locations on fault planes, major and trace element...

Waste Contracts Register

The Mayor set out his strategic policy framework for the management of London's municipal waste in the London Environment Strategy (LES), published in May 2018. Proposal 7.2.1.b set out the Mayor’s...