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Office Furniture Specifications

Specifications and details of products by supplier that meet HMRC requirements. Updated: ad hoc.

Office Furniture Specifications

Specifications and details of products by supplier that meet HMRC requirements. Updated: ad hoc.

Phytophthora Lateralis Confirmed Infection Sites GB 10K Grid

Sites confirmed of having Phytothphora Lateralis present. Phytophthora lateralis is a pathogen which generally attacks and kills the roots of its host trees, although aerial infections of branches...

Chalara Fraxinea Confirmed Infection Areas GB 10K Grid

Ordnance Survey 10km square grid of Great Britain showing the year that Chalara fraxinea infections were first confirmed in the wider environment in that grid square. Year - Year that an...

Phytophthora Austrocedri Confirmed Infection Sites GB 10K Grid

The dataset identifies confirmed infections of Phytophthora austrocedri in Great Britain. P. austrocedri is a species of Phytophthora that was only recently ‘described’ (in 2007), although it is...

Phytophthora Ramorum Confirmed Infection Areas England 10K Grid

Phytopthora ramorum confirmed infections. OS 10km grid squares containing one or more Phytopthora Ramorum Statutory Plant Heath Notices issued to Landowners in England. Year - First year that a...

Deployment Specific Forward Inventory Information System

Presentation tools – and associated data sets - that advise how many of which piece parts are expected to be needed for specific deployments of Maritime units on Operations and Exercises.

Individual Electoral Registration: Confirmation Dry Run Data

Data details the results of the confirmation dry run (CDR), a test of the confirmation process which will be the first step in transition to Individual Electoral Registration. The full evaluation...

All Confirmed Orders Chester

Details of all on-street waiting restrictions in the Chester area that are included in traffic regulation orders

Platform Specific Consolidated Allowance List Information System

Presentation tools – and associated data sets - that inform decisions about how many of which piece parts should be held onboard each ship and submarine to meet expected demand for them.

Site Specific Policies

Boundary of Site Specific Policies within North Ayrshire as set out in the Local Development Plan

Alcohol-specific hospital admissions (CCGOIS 3.14)

Directly age and sex standardised admission rate for alcohol-specific conditions per 100,000 registered patients, 95% confidence intervals. Current version updated: Sep-17 Next version due: Dec-17

WFD Cycle 2 Specific Pollutants Classification

This dataset is a subset of the "WFD Classification Status Cycle 2" product and contains classification data for the sub element Specific Pollutants (abbreviated to SP) as used in the...

Contaminated Land (Confirmed) - Scotland

Land is legally defined as 'contaminated' where substances are causing or could cause significant harm to people, property or protected species as well as causing significant pollution to surface...

Emergency alcohol-specific readmission to any hospital within 30 days of discharge following an alcohol-specific admission (CCGOIS 3.15)

Indirectly age and sex standardised ratio of emergency readmissions with a primary diagnosis or an external cause code of an alcohol-specific condition within 30 days of a previous discharge...

Allerdale Specific Financial Land Charge

Specific Financial charge recorded as a Land Charge and expressed as a polygon extent. Specific Charges as defined under Section 2 of the Land Charge Register.

All Confirmed Orders Vale Royal regions

Parking restrictions, bays and car parks

Broads Site Specific Polygons

This dataset depicts the polygon boundary of each Site Specific Policy adopted by the Broads Authority on 11/07/14. It should be used in conjunction with the Site Specific Lines and Points datasets...

TWBC Open Data - Confirmed Tree Preservation Orders

Tree Preservation Orders in Tunbridge Wells Borough updated daily and linked to our live database

Broads Authority Site Specific Lines

This is a Line dataset depicting Policies that do not relate to specific settlements, but cover wide areas or a range of smaller sites across the Broads. Specifically XNS 4 (Main Roads Network) and...