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Command & Control

Records of incidents on the network, vehicles and drivers involved, and actions taken to resolve the incidents

Business Plan/Command Plan

Business Plan/Command Plan

Organogram of Staff Roles & Salaries

Organogram (organisation chart) showing all staff roles. Names and salaries are also listed for the Senior Civil Servants. Organogram data is released by all central government departments and...

Cablemaster Designer

Army App managed by Army Command

Cash Office Germany Reference

Army App managed by Army Command

Police workforce, England and Wales

Police officer strength and officers per 100,000 population by Basic Command Unit.


List of all Commander Maritime Reserves (COMMARRES) HQ permanent staff and address/tel numbers.

CNPS-Compulsory Drug Test Statistics

Command Navy Personnel Strategy(CNPS) - Record of all personnel that have tested positive from a Compulsory Drug test.

CNPS-RN Compulsory Drug Testing

Command Navy Personnel Strategy(CNPS) - Joint Personnel Administration (JPA - IT System) extract required to conduct and correctly identify personnel subject to Compulsory Drug testing procedures.

Operational Deployability Record ODR

Captures a soldiers mission specific training history and his administrative and medical preparations prior to an operational deployment in order that commanders receive assurance on the levels of...


Management information application hosted on the RLI. It is the single authoritative sources for the hierarchical structure of Army organisations. Its data is owned and maintained by Army HQ Org...

tri-service families continuous attitude survey

The Ministry of Defence uses the tri-Service Families Continuous Attitude Survey (FAMCAS) to assess the views of Service families. The report captures Service Personnel spouses and civil partners'...

Grid-to-Grid model estimates of river flow for Great Britain driven by observed data (1980 to 2011)

Gridded hydrological model river flow estimates on a 1km grid over Great Britain for the period Dec 1980 - Nov 2011. The dataset includes monthly mean river flow, annual maxima of daily mean river...

Grid-to-Grid model estimates of river flow for Northern Ireland driven by observed data (1980 to 2011)

Gridded hydrological model river flow estimates on a 1km grid over Northern Ireland for the period Dec 1980 - Nov 2011. The dataset includes monthly mean river flow, annual maxima of daily mean...

Three-dimensional temporal imaging of X-ray CT imaging of dissolution-driven convection in glass beads

The images in this dataset show the mixing of two liquid solutions in a random bead pack as a function of time and in three-dimensions. The working fluids used in this study are solutions of...

Prison and Probation Trust rating System

NOMS produces data-driven assessments of performance for probation trusts using an assessment framework that was agreed with the Ministry of Justice - the Probation Trust Rating System (PTRS). This...

Self-reported drink and drug driving: Findings from the Crime Survey for England and Wales

This release presents data on self-reported drink and drug driving, from the Home Office's Crime Survey for England and Wales, in which repsondents are asked whether they have driven under the...

Drug seizures made by the Border Force in the UK

This data includes the number of seizures made, by drug type, for all drugs controlled under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 and the volume of seizures made on the main drug types. The data is broken...

Fluid-driven tensile fracture and fracture toughness in Nash Point shale at elevated pressure (NERC grant NE/L009110/1)

A number of processes, both natural and anthropogenic, involve the fracture of rocks subjected to tensile stress, including vein growth and mineralization, and the extraction of hydrocarbons...

Various water quality parameters covering a pre and post-planting regime (Halladale study 1995-2010)

Our study was driven by concerns that afforesting the headwaters of the Upper Halladale River in North Scotland would affect water quality and the local salmon fishery. The main issue was the...