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Breastfeeding Welcoming Businesses

Data showing a list of the Breastfeeding Welcoming Businesses.

Data tables for the June 2010 Budget economic and fiscal forecast

These are the tables from Annex C of the June 2010 Budget delivered by the Chancellor of the Exchequer on 22 June 2010. They were created by the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) as part of...

Camden Breastfeeding Welcome Scheme

This dataset contains the location of businesses and organisations that have signed up to the Breastfeeding Welcome scheme.

Budget and Actuals figures

HMRC expenditure versus the budgeted expenditure. Updated: monthly.

FSA Core Tables Administration Budget

Core Tables as required by FReM detailing the FSA’s Administration Budget

'Breastfeeding welcome here' certificate holders

The register of locations/premises participating in the ‘Breastfeeding Welcome Here’ scheme by the Public Health Agency (PHA)


The report includes The overall budget and funding Council tax level The medium term financial forecast The capital programme


The report includes The overall budget and funding Council tax level The medium term financial forecast The capital programme

DFMS - Planning, Budgeting, Forecasting

Providing Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting information to the MOD. Data Models include; - ESP - EPP - TLB Plan (Accounting& Manpower) - Capability Sponsor Plan - Asset Delivery Schedule -...

Revenue budget 2011-12

The revenue budget for each local authority in 2011-12, broken down by service category. This dataset includes detailed information on the 2011-12 spending plans of every local authority in...

Official Development Assistance (ODA) Budget

Summary of FCO Official Development Assistance by category

Budget monitoring

Budget monitoring reports are submitted to Cabinet meetings every month and provide Councillors with an update on any significant budget issues within the service areas.

Council budget

A breakdown of the council's budget as at 1 April.

Council Budget

The council budget for Calderdale Council as agreed by the full Council at the annual budget meeting (known as the Base budget). The data is broken down by service, cost centre and type of...

Council budgets

This dataset provides a detailed analysis of the approved budget for Leeds City Council, as agreed by Full Council each year. The data provides an analysis by directorate, summary budget heading...

Budget Consultation

City of York Council carries out budget consultations asking residents of York to complete a questionnaire giving them the opportunity to put forward their views to help the council make decisions...

Council Budget

The council budget and capital programme contains the budget and council tax report approved by council each year. The revenue budget covers the estimated annual running costs of council services,...

Comparison of original and final budgets 2009-10

Comparison of outturn information with final plans by department for 2009-10, taken from snapshots 31 and 11 (Main Estimate outturn snapshot April 2010 and Spring Supplementary Estimates plans...

Public Expenditure Statistical Analysis - Departmental budgets

PESA brings together information on public expenditure within the current budgeting and control framework.

Defra Core Tables (resource and capital budget)

The aim of the published tables is to provide an explanation of what Defra spends money on. They provide an analysis of departmental expenditure between resource consumption and capital investment.