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CPS - Number of Conditional Cautions broken down by Offence

This shows those 'either way' offences (triable in Crown Court or magistrates' court) and those offences that can only be tried summarily (in the magistrates' court) for which a Conditional Caution...

Litter Bins and Dog Bins

Location of litter bins and dog bins in York. For further information about litter and litter bins please visit the [City of York Council...

CPS - Number of Conditional Cautions broken down by Gender and Area

This shows the number of Conditional Cautions administered in the period broken down by gender and CPS Area.

Salt bins

Location of salt bins in Durham.  To find out more about salt bins, visit: [](

Dog Bins

Location of dog bins.

Grit bins

Location of public Grit Bins

Litter Bins

Location of litter bins.

Litter bins

This dataset comprises point data showing the locations of litter bins managed and emptied by Bristol City Council Street Cleansing teams.

Litter Bins

This dataset shows the locations of litter bins in the Borough.

Grit Bins

Grit Bin including, types, reference number and location in XY format which has been derived from Ordnance Survey base layer maps. (C) Crown copyright \[and database rights\] (2015) OS (licence...

Salt Bins

Where is your nearest Salt Bin? Find out here

Battery Bins

Shows all battery recycling bin locations in the City of London

Lightbulb Bins

Shows all lightbulb recycling bin locations in the City of London

Dog Bins in York

Dog Bins in York. *Please note that the data published within this dataset is a live API link to CYC's GIS server. Any changes made to the master copy of the data will be inmediately reflected...

Dog Waste Bins

This dataset shows the locations of dog waste bins in the Borough.

Council Litter Bins

Areas affected by Council Litter Bins. Areas are recorded as a point. Upon accessing this Licensed Data you will be deemed to have accepted the terms of the Public Sector End User Licence - INSPIRE

Bin collection days

This is East Renfrewshire Councils data for bin collection days. It is taken from the address gazetteer and it must be used in conjunction with the Calendar Cycle PDF's attached. Cycle start date...

Grit bin locations

Grit bin locations showing council grit bin id number and x and y co-ordinates. Automated update ---------------- * This dataset is updated automatically annually by 30th April each year. * ...

Allerdale Street Bins

Allerdale Street Bins expressed as point containing location and operational information on the size and emptying regimes.

Litter bin locations

Litter bin locations showing council bin id number and Easting and Northing