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Bonus Data

Application that provides analysis capability on Civilian Bonus data

Bonus Scheme

FCO(S) - Staff pay bonus data

Input indicator: bonus grant per dwelling

This is the Total New Homes Bonus grant payable for a financial year, divided by number of dwellings rewarded. Calculations are available separately for shire areas, metropolitan areas and...

Input indicator: total new homes bonus grant

Total new homes bonus grant payable per year #### How the figure is calculated: For 2013-14: total grant payable equals the total payment for the current year and for 2012-13 and 2011-12...

New Homes Bonus internal monitoring survey data

Annual survey of local authorities attitudes to growth as part of monitoring impact of New Homes Bonus.

Education terms (previously called A-Z of terms) - Department for Education

Education terms (previously called A-Z of terms) was the controlled vocabulary developed and maintained by the Department for Education. The Education terms vocabulary has been deprecated, and...

Adjustments for Measured Term Contracts

The monthly Updating Percentages may be used as a contractual basis for the reimbursement of increased costs on measured term contracts let on all PSA Schedules of Rates or other forms of...

SNOMED Clinical Terms

SNOMED Clinical Terms

Senior Civil Service Pay

Annual Senior Civil Service (SCS) Pay Award & bonus recommendations stored in a series of password protected spreadsheets.

New Homes Bonus Grant (£m) - (Cumulative to 16/17, then Annual Settlement)

New Homes Bonus Grant (£m) - (Cumulative to 16/17, then Annual Settlement)

Rainfall Long-term Average

Environment & Business - Land and Water. The Rainfall Long-term Average dataset contains data for average rainfall usually over the period 1961-1990. This is a spatial dataset.

Long term effects of whole tree harvesting on soil carbon (Falstone 2009)

Kielder (Flastone 7) is the the oldest whole tree harvesting experiments in Europe. The site is currently a 34-year-old second rotation stand of Sitka spruce (Picea sitchensis), in Kielder forest,...

Medium Term Savings

Details of Warwickshire County Council's medium terms savings.

School term times

Details of the term times of Leeds schools since 1993.

School Term Dates

This data shows recommended School Term Dates for the current and next school year. Lincolnshire County Council sets the term dates for all community and voluntary-controlled schools. These...

Long-term empty homes

Data showing the number of long-term empty homes thathave been empty more than 6 months

Limiting long term illness

Data showing limiting-long term illness in Plymouth.

Medium Term Economic Forecast

London’s Economic Outlook is GLA Economics’ London forecast. The forecasts are issued every six months to assist those preparing planning projections for London in the medium term. The report...

Rainfall as percentage of Long-term Average Map

Environment & Business - Land and Water. The Rainfall as a percentage of Long-term Average Map contains rainfall data set in the context of the long term average rainfall over the period 1961...

NI 124 - People with a long-term condition supported to be independent and in control of their condition

The percentage of people with a long-term condition who are 'supported by people providing health and social care services to be independent and in control of their condition'.