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Organic Statistics Database: Access database on Anaerobic digestion strategy (ADS) applications/payments

The Organics Statistics (Access) database holds information on organic operators in the UK including the names and addresses of producers, processors, importers and statistical information relating...

Applications for Grants

List of the applications for funding. Competitions are the principal vehicle for work of the Technology Strategy Board (TSB) in allocation of grants. Applications are made by individuals and...

Import licence applications

The Import Licensing Branch (ILB) controls the importation of certain sensitive goods into the UK. It does this by issuing import licences to companies who wish to bring controlled goods into the...

Technology Strategy Board Organisation Chart

The organisation structure for the Technology Strategy Board

Technology Strategy Board Transparency Data

Required Transparency Data Salary Bands

Scottish Forestry Strategy Indicators

Annual indicators for the Scottish Forestry Strategy Source agency: Forestry Commission Designation: Official Statistics not designated as National Statistics Language: English Alternative...

FSA Applications

All applications in use by the FSA.

IT System ("ELGAR") Application List including Core, Corporate, Group & Underlying Applications

List of all desktop applications used within the BIS IT system ("ELGAR") environment and databases (supported and unsupported) held within the Department

Export control licence applications

The Export Control Organisation controls the export of military and dual-use items. It does this by issuing export licences to UK companies who wish to export controlled goods overseas. Export...

Survey of Employment Tribunal Applications

2008 is the latest in a series dating back to 1987

Technology Strategy Board Board Members Declared Interests

Board Memeber Register of Interests

Estates Applications for Payment

Invoices for Estates related work.

Estates Applications for Payment

Invoices for Estates related work.

UKTI's internationalisation strategies, barriers and awareness survey

The survey is a telephone-based survey of a sample of 950 UK firms who either already export, or who intend to begin doing so within the next year. It captures evidence about: UK...

Technology Strategy Board Tax Arrangements for Public Sector Appointees

List of posts filled through contracts with individuals other than employment

England Biodiversity Strategy Indicators

This dataset has now been superseded by the records at: Publication of the England...

Pensions Strategy Computer System

Pensions Strategy Computer System data contains information required for the processing of claims for Retirement Pension, Incapacity Benefit, Widows Benefit and Severe Disablement Allowance. The...

England Biodiversity Strategy Indicators

This dataset has now been superseded by the records at:

Feed in Tariff Community and School Applications’ Statistics

Count and installed capacity of community and school installations applying for accreditation under the Feed-in Tariff scheme. Release discontinued from April 2018. Source agency: Business, Energy...

Sustainable Transport Strategy - London Strategy

This forms part of the Sustainable Transport Strategy Resource Library, please click [here](/dataset/sustainable-transport-strategy---resource-library) for more information. There has never been a...