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Outward Foreign Affiliates Statistics

This survey measures turnover, employment and the number of foreign affiliates of multinational enterprises where the ultimate controlling institution is within the UK. It looks at foreign...

Public Relations and Affilliations Manag

Public relations data - HMS BULWARK A record of affiliations and public relations data.

Details of all security clearances for BIS and Partner Organisations

Sensitive and personal information. Contains records of all security clearances at National Security Vetting level and Baseline Personnel Security Standard for BIS staff, DECC, Other Government...

List of Current Councillors for Monmouthshire County Council

An XML file listing the current Councillors of Monmouthshire along with their contact details, party information and committee affiliations.

GlaciStore: cover sheet to full proposal to IODP, UK CCS RC, Call 1 (1 April 2015)

Full proposal cover sheet for scientific drilling (852-CPP) 'GlaciStore: Understanding Late Cenozoic glaciation and basin processes for the development of secure large-scale offshore CO2 storage...

GlaciStore: Cover sheet to revised full proposal to IODP, UK CCS RC Call 1 (1 April 2016)

Revised full proposal cover sheet for scientific drilling (852-CPP2) 'GlaciStore: Understanding Pleistocene glaciation and basin processes and their impact on fluid migration pathways (North Sea)',...