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The National Archives - responses to FOI requests

Quarterly breakdown of FOI responses answered within the statutory timeframe in 2010-11 and 2011-12

Expenditure over £25k in NHS Southern Derbyshire CCG

This shows the expenditure of over £25k paid by NHS SOUTHERN DERBYSHIRE CCG in a given month

Fire Incidents Response Times

Data on response times to incidents attended by Fire and Rescue Service in England. Source agency: Communities and Local Government Designation: Official Statistics not designated as National...

Fire statistics: Response times

This information covers fires, false and other incidents attended by firecrews, and the statistics include the numbers of incidents, fires, fatalities and casualties as well as information on...

Crossrail Act - Petition Response Documents

A collection of several hundred CDs containing petition response documents, given to those who petitioned the Crossrail Bill prior to its Royal Assent as the Crossrail Act 2008.Data collection...

Performance Dashboard Farm survey responses

This dashboard shows information about how the Farm survey responses service is currently performing. This is a "beta" service. The dashboard shows number of digital transactions, total cost of...

Responses to consultations carried out externally

Reponses to public consultations which are carried out by external bodies on behalf of the Department for Transport

Responses to public consultations by Department for Transport

Responses to public consultations which are carried out by the Department for Transport

Parental Responsibility Measures, Attendance Census

The Parental Responsibility Measures Attendance Census is a mandatory data collection for all 152 local authorities in England in respect of their use of penalty notices, parenting contracts and...

Data tables for the June 2010 Budget economic and fiscal forecast

These are the tables from Annex C of the June 2010 Budget delivered by the Chancellor of the Exchequer on 22 June 2010. They were created by the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) as part of...

Oak spring and autumn phenology data in southern England 2011-2014

These data describe the spring budburst and autumn leaf senescence of mature oak (Quercus robur L.) in productive forests in the New Forest, East Anglia and Devon. The columns are marked springxx...

Seed production and seedling survival in a stand of Corsican pine in Southern Britain

There is much literature on natural regeneration which emphasizes the importance of good seed year, but few authors consider seed input in terms of the combination of seed quantity (i.e. number of...

CIO-DSAS CIDA Site Responsibilities Database

Recording details of Configuration Management on MOD Sites and Production of ECR's (CIDA Team, serial , of CIO-DSAS Information Asset Register)

Forest Regulation Task Force questionnaire Question 4 responses on priorities for change

Answers by organisations to Question 4 of the questionnaire on stakeholders' priorities for change

Barnet response to DEFRA consultation on Extended Producer Responsibility for Packaging

Barnet Council's officer response to DEFRA's consultation on Extended Producer Responsibility for Packaging

2009 Army Cadet Force Survey- Cadets Responses

Records the Attitudes and Views of Army Cadets

2009 Army Cadet Force Survey- Adult Responses

To record the attitudes and views of staff members working for the Army Cadet Force.

CAESER (Corporate Assessment of Environmental, Social and Economic Responsibility).

CAESER is an online tool hosted on

Subjective wellbeing, 'Worthwhile', percentage of responses in range 0-6

Percentage of responses in range 0-6 out of 10 (corresponding to 'low wellbeing') for 'Worthwhile' in the First ONS Annual Experimental Subjective Wellbeing survey. The Office for National...

Barnet response to DEFRA consultation on reforming the UK packaging producer responsibility system

Barnet council's officer response to DEFRA's [consultation on reforming the UK packaging producer responsibility...