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Recommended shortage occupation lists

UKBA management information from the second review of the recommended shortage occupation lists relating to Tier 2 of the Points Based System and requirements of UK labour market

Action Recommendations

Eradication and containment advice provided to Plant Health Seed Inspectors upon the interception of non-native invertebrate and disease plant pests.

National Archives Web Continuity

The National Archives is preserving digital government information by regularly archiving UK central government websites. There are now over 1 billion online documents accessible through our UK...

Statistics of completed selection exercises and recommendations for judicial appointment showing diversity

Published by the Judicial Appointments Commission (JAC) - Half-yearly publication presenting the progress of candidates through the selection process for judicial office broken down by gender,...

Local Directgov web service

The Local Directgov web service gives you direct access to the functions that drive the local government services on the Directgov website, so that you can use them in your own websites and other...

Web - for Accident Investigation Branch

Accident Investigation Branches (AIB) web site to disseminate bulletins and reports to Industry and general public

Statistics of the Employment Tribunals selection and recommendations for appointment exercise, showing diversity

This report presents comprehensive statistics on the judicial selection process and recommendations for Employment Tribunal Members. This exercise ran from August 2009 to January 2010. Most...

Customer Satisfaction - National Archives UK Government Web Archive

Customer Satisfaction figures for the National Archives UK Government Web Archives from December 2017

Regional Transport Statistics Web Tables

Regional Transport Statistics was discontinued as a single publication in 2009 and replaced by a series of Web Tables which are updated during the year as data becomes available. The first tranche...

Broadscale habitat (EUNIS level 3) for Markham's Triangle recommended Marine Conservation Zone (rMCZ)

Updated habitat map resulting from an integrated analysis of the dedicated 2012 survey (CEND8/12a) data for Markham's Triangle rMCZ. Map created via unsupervised classification and expert...

Web site registrations

The names, interests and contact details of organisations and individuals who have registered on the Technology Strategy Board (TSB) web sites.

Joint recommendations (Prisons and Probation Ombudsmen)

Joint Reccomendations Database used in the Prison and Probations Ombudsman. Reccomendations refer to services (Prison Service, Probation Service, Home Office Immigration Enforcement) that are made...

Business cases to increase Recommended Funding Limit

Business cases to increase providers Recommended Funding Limit

Traffic Web Cameras

Spatial dataset of Durham County Council managed traffic web camera locations. Please see []( for more information.

Boundary Commission for Northern Ireland - Final Recommendations

Datasets of the Boundary Commission's Final Recommendations for 17 Parliamentary constituencies in Northern Ireland under the 2018 Review. Further detail on the Final Recommendations can be...

% of staff who would recommend the council as a good place to work

% of staff who would recommend the council as a good place to work

% of staff who would not recommend the council as a good place to work

% of staff who would not recommend the council as a good place to work

Camden and Islington Sport and Physical Activity Needs Assessment for CYP 2013 - Recommendations

This needs assessment provides an analysis of needs relating to the provision of sport and physical activity for young people aged 0-18 (0-25 disabled) in Camden and Islington, with a view to...

OS Linked Data

Linked Data is a growing part of the Web where data is published on the Web and then linked to other published data in much the same way that web pages are interlinked using hypertext. OS Linked...

NHDC Web Mapping Projects

The North Hertfordshire District Council has an interactive web mapping project that allows viewing of features and their information, searching, selection of layers and printing etc. for Local...