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Software change size data

Size in International Function Point User Group Function Points of delivered software.

Software change data

Planned and delivered changes to software.

Fitness Information System Software

Actually three different systems, one for each Service.  The systems record Fitness levels of all Service Personnel. This is a DASA hosted system used by the three Services.

Software Licence Tracker

Details of licensing information for software purchased/held by DfT(Central).

Software licences

A list of software licenses.

Biological dosimetry software

Statistical analysis & interpretation of cytogenetic data

SysAid Helpdesk Software

Database linked to Wisdom via user groups. KIM add / remove / amend content.

Work packages

Details of proposed, active and completed software delivery work packages.

Main Application Code Store

Software source code and supporting documentation including design and requirements specification documents. Includes Delphi and Jave code.

Quality Centre data

Defects found in internally developed software during testing including details of severity and resolution.

Index to the BGS collection of geologist's field notebooks and section books.

An index to the manuscript notebook collection was set up in the 1990's. The notebooks themselves contain detailed information gathered by BGS geologists (or other recognised geologists) from...

Land Registry INSPIRE Download Service Metadata

INSPIRE Polygons are a complete set of Freehold title extent indexes available for England and Wales. The data is structured to meet the requirements of the EU INSPIRE Directive. Land Registry’s...

The BGS Collection Of Geologist's Field Notebooks, Section Books and Field Record Cards.

Manuscript notebooks, section books and field record cards containing detailed information gathered by the Survey geologists (or other recognised geologists) from various sources as part of the...

Secondary Application Code Store

Software source code and supporting documentation including design and requirements specification documents. Includes mainframe code in PL1 and Assembler including that of stored procedures....

Microsatellite results from 192 full-sib offspring with 130 microsatellite markers

This data represents results from a large panel of polymorphic microsatellite markers which were used to generate a genetic linkage map for a Sitka spruce full-sib family utilising Joinmap...

Printer usage

Printer usage by department, device, user, document information and other dimensions, from printer management software. Covers UK offices only, from 2012.

Reasonable Adjustments

Contains details of equipment provided to employees for non standard adjustments to work stations such as voice recognition software, monitors and non IT items such as orthopaedic chairs and names...

2D Benchmarking Model (AfA176)

Flood and Coastal Risk Management - Incident Management. The 2D Benchmarking model consists of data containing 8 test areas in modelling software for the purposes of benchmarking. Data for 8 tests...

Index To The National Geological Records Centre Collection Of Geological Archives.

Index, set up in 1998, to the archive collection of reports, notebooks interpretations, plans and other geological or related data received from external organisations that are not part of other...

Visual Boundaries for the National Trip End Model (NTEM)

[GIS files for the zoning system used in the National Trip End Model (NTEM)]( Shapefiles for the zoning...