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Strontium, Oxygen, Hydrogen and Boron isotopes of Mariana mud volcano pore waters (NERC grant NE/P020909/1)

Porewaters from IODP Expedition 366 were extracted from serpentinite mud volcano sediments onboard the RV JOIDES Resolution (see Fryer et al, 2017; 2018 for details). Selected samples were then...

IODP Expedition 352 (Bonin Forearc) Pb isotope data (NERC grant NE/M012034/1)

We provide here Pb isotope data for the basement rocks cored during IODP Expedition 352 (Bonin Forearc). The data are reported as 206Pb/204Pb, 207Pb/204Pb and 208Pb/204Pb ratios together with their...