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Internet usage

Statistics on usage of the internet in North Yorkshire

Internet survey

A literature and internet survey of medicines not authorised in the EU (European Union)

Internet Access

This release explores the use of the Internet by adults in Great Britain and draws attention to how households connected to the Internet. It provides useful information for those interested in what...

Index of Internet Connectivity

Developed the Index of Internet Connectivity as part of a package of measures to help monitor the UK's use of the Internet and the growth of e-commerce. Source agency: Office for National...

Newcastle Libraries Internet filtering

Newcastle Libraries provide citizens with access to the Internet. On public computers Internet is filtered which means access to some websites is blocked - either because of legal requirements,...

Internet Access Quarterly Update

This publication has been discontinued as a result of the ONS Consultation on Statistical Products, 2013. The last edition of the Internet Access Quarterly Update was published on 14 May 2014, for...

The 2014 Internet User Classification (IUC), LSOA

This bespoke geodemographic classification maps the geography of digital consumers within England by combining over seventy measures selected from survey and lifestyle data, alongside census and...

Shopping Frontage

Dataset shows Shopping frontages for Bideford ......

Pet shops

Pet shops licensed under the Pet Animals Act 1951

Shopping Centres

This delineates shopping centres into categories ranging from International to Neigbbourhood

Pet shops

Pet shops licensed under the Pet Animals Act 1951

Shopping Frontages

Policy from the Runnymede Borough Council 2030 Local Plan (Adopted 16th July 2020). Designated as Policy IE6, this dataset shows the Shopping Frontages. The Runnymede Local Plan was adopted in...

Principal Shopping Centres

Principal Shopping Centres polygon layer records the the five areas detailed in the Local Plan Retailing Policy. This Policy Area is relevant to the Local Plan 2015 Retailing Policy CS20.The City...

Secondary Shopping Frontage

Secondary Shopping Frontage - part of Local Development Framework (LDF) evidence base

Primary Frontage Shopping

Primary Frontage Shopping in Hackney - part of Local Development Framework (LDF) evidence base.

Primary Shopping Frontage

The boundary for the Chichester City's secondary shopping frontage this policy sets parameters for retail and non-retail uses within Chichester city’s secondary shopping frontage.

Primary Shopping Area

Defined as part of the South Norfolk Local Plan 2003. South Norfolk is creator of this data and it is reviewed and updated as part of the Local Plan process. Government Planning Policy Note PPG6...

Secondary Shopping Frontage

This policy sets parameters for retail and non-retail uses within Chichester city’s primary shopping frontage.

Primary Shopping Areas

Areas defined in the authority's local plan, where retail development is concentrated (generally comprising the primary and those secondary frontages which are adjoining and closely related to the...

Local Shopping Centres

Local Shopping Centres contain small scale facilities to meet local, day to day shopping needs. Areas are recorded as polygons