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GB Counties - Past and Present

Explore the county boundaries of Great Britain throughout time with our counties map. These two datasets of county boundary information have been released as part of Boundary-Line through the...

Warwickshire County Boundary

A KML file providing the outline boundary of the county of Warwickshire.

County Geodiversity Sites

The polygons are the official County Geodiversity Sites (or CGS) boundaries, formally known as Regionally Important Geological and Geomorphological Sites (or RIGS) , as designated by the County...

Norfolk County Farms Estate

This layer identifies all the land owned and managed by the County Council forming the Councils County Farms Estate. Further details about the Estate can be found on the Council’s website as a link...

Cambridgeshire County Council Constitution

Cambridgeshire County Council's Constitution, in line with the 2014 Transparency Code.

Norfolk County Council Property

The property interests of Norfolk County Council are represented as polygons, points and lines. Each site has an identifier (UPRN) which provides a unique link to further detail of NCC property...

Norfolk County Farms Buildings

This layer identifies the County Councils buildings on the County Farms Estate and these buildings comprise any dwellings and all the agricultural buildings other than tenants buildings. Further...

Kent County Council Libraries

Kent County Council Libraries

Kent County Council Schools

Kent County Council Schools

Norfolk County Wildlife Sites

The County Wildlife Polygon GIS layer shows the official County Wildlife Site boundaries, as designated by the County Wildlife Site Steering group (of which NCC is a partner). Planning decisions...

Cambridgeshire County Council Councillors

name, electoral division, political party and contact details for each of cambridgeshire's county councillors

Lincolnshire County Council Spending

These Open Data files show payments made by Lincolnshire County Council to suppliers each month, where the combined value of an invoice is over £500. In situations where the total invoice amount...

Hampshire County Council News Feed

An RSS feed of the lates news from Hampshire County Council

Cambridgeshire County Council Pay Multiple

In line with the 2014 Transparency Code the following has been published - The 'pay multiple', defined as the ratio between the highest paid salary and the median salary of the whole of the...

Devon County Council Community Directory

The Directory: a) aims to provide an information directory for use by the public and DCC staff working on behalf of the public, on individuals and organisations who provide local services to...

Nottinghamshire County Council Metadata Records

Harvesting metadata for INSPIRE spatial datasets produced by Nottinghamshire County Council

Hampshire County Council Recreation Sites

Location of all recreation facilities managed by Culture Communities and Rural Affairs department.

Cambridgeshire County Council Senior Salaries

In line with the 2014 Transparency Code, information about Senior Salaries at Cambridgeshire County Council is available.

Hampshire County Council Councillor Allowances

No description provided

Key Outcomes for Monmouthshire County Council

Key Outcomes for Monmouthshire County Council from March 2011. Scores for a variety of categories and how they compare with counties in the rest of Wales and the UK