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GP Out of Hours Syndromic Surveillance System

GP Out of Hours Syndromic Surveillance System

GPS Finances

Details of GPS of annual financial performance

GPS Employee details

GPS staff details, grades, employment length, salary, address etc

GPS Income Performance

Income forecasts and recieved income

GPS 'Active' Suppliers

List of suppliers that are receiving income via work carried under GPS Frameworks - i.e. those that are winning business via further competitions

HR system

Information on HMRC staff, including various reports on joiners and leavers, promotions, sickness, allowances etc... Updated: regularly

GPS operational risk registers

Operational risks that are being actively managed

GPS operational performance metrics

Monthly operational performance metrics against targets

GPS benefits and savings performance

Methodologies and calculations of benefits and savings

Core Accessibility Indicator: GP

Proportion of a) households b) households without access to a car within 15 and 30 minutes of a GP by public transport/walking Source: Department for Transport (DfT) Publisher: Department for...

GP National Patient Survey

The GPPS was developed to collect information on elements of patient access to GP services and choice of hospital services. It also includes NHS dentistry services. Source agency:...

GPS customer mailing lists

Lists of customers and stakeholders that are communicated to by GPS and business teams

GP Extended Opening Hours

Provides information pertaining to the Governments key priorities for improving routine access to GP services in evenings and at weekends. Source agency: Health Designation: Official Statistics...

GP Earnings and Expenses

The GP Earnings and Expenses Enquiries (EEQs) provide a detailed study of the earnings and expenses of both contractor and salaried GPs in the UK. The reports are agreed by the Technical Steering...

Abeyance and Dispersal GPs

Abeyance and Dispersal GP Codes Contains: Usually, when a GP retires or leaves a practice, a successor is appointed prior to the departure of the outgoing GP. In such cases, if the GP in...

Large Business Strategy (LBS) Core System - Risk management system

Large Business Strategy (LBS) risk management system. Updated: monthly.

Large Business Strategy (LBS) Core System - Risk management system

LBS risk management system. Updated: monthly.

GP practices

Link to which provides data on GPs, GP practices, nurses and pharmacies in the UK. Please note The GP practices file contains all prescribing cost centres as opposed to solely GP...

GP Surgeries

GP surgeries in York. For further information about GP surgeries please see the [NHS Choices website]( *Please note that the data published within this...

GP surgeries

Information on all GP surgeries in North Somerset