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Social media usage by local government

A list of UK local authorities which are using social media such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. Also includes those with RSS feeds, web development blogs and open data.

Water chemistry and stable isotope data, Virkisjokull Glacier Observatory, 2011-2018

Stable isotope and inorganic chemistry data for samples of groundwater from boreholes and springs in the sandur aquifer; glacial meltwater and river water; and glacier ice, from Virkisjokull...

Leeds Let's Get Active

Leeds City Council and Sport England have teamed up to provide Leeds Let's Get Active, a programme of free gym and swim sessions at all Leeds City Council leisure centres, as well as beginner...

Groundwater chemistry, hydrogeological data, geophysical investigations, borehole chippings analysis and local geology for the Tambora region of Tanzania. To investigate low permeability rocks in sub-Saharan Africa.

This data was produced to support a project looking at low permeability rocks in sub-Saharan Africa. Multiple boreholes were drilled for the project with geology identified from chippings....

Groundwater Monitoring Data, Virkisjokull Glacier Observatory, 2012-2018

Groundwater level and groundwater temperature data measured in 9 boreholes between August 2012 and August 2018. Groundwater conductivity data measured in 1 of these boreholes from September 2012 to...