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Entertainment Licensing England and Wales

This statistical release presents the figures related to entertainment licensing in England and Wales, detailing the number and type of entertainment licences by local authority. Source agency:...

Software Licence Tracker

Details of licensing information for software purchased/held by DfT(Central).

Alcohol, Entertainment and Late Night Refreshment Licensing

Statistics on the sale of alcohol and the provision of regulated entertainment and late-night refreshment in England and Wales under the Licensing Act 2003. Source agency: Culture, Media and...

Fitness Information System Software

Actually three different systems, one for each Service.  The systems record Fitness levels of all Service Personnel. This is a DASA hosted system used by the three Services.

Software licences

A list of software licenses.

Art and Entertainment Venues in York

Art and Entertainment Venues in York.

Mid Ulster Council Entertainment Venues

A list of licensed premises within the Mid Ulster Council Area. The list comprises of Public Houses, Restaurants, Church Halls, Social Clubs etc

Biological dosimetry software

Statistical analysis & interpretation of cytogenetic data

SysAid Helpdesk Software

Database linked to Wisdom via user groups. KIM add / remove / amend content.

Crime against business premises

Statistics on extent of crime against businesses in the wholesale & retail, accommodation & food, arts, entertainment & recreation, and agriculture, forestry & fishing sectors taken...

UKCCSRC Call 1 project data: CO2 equation of state software

CO2 equation of state software from UKCCSRC project: Tractable equations of state for CO2 mixtures in CCS: Algorithms for automated generation and optimisation, tailored to end-users and tutorial...

Impact of the Implementation of IRIS Software for ICD-10 Cause of Death Coding on Mortality Statistics

Results of the IRIS bridge coding study, which shows the impact of the new IRIS software for cause of death coding on mortality statistics. Source agency: Office for National...

Microsatellite results from 192 full-sib offspring with 130 microsatellite markers

This data represents results from a large panel of polymorphic microsatellite markers which were used to generate a genetic linkage map for a Sitka spruce full-sib family utilising Joinmap...

City and Town Centre Shopping Area Core Strategy 2014 Policy CP12

Core Strategy adopted 2014 (Policy CP12) Defines the hierarchy of shopping centres as the principal locations for shopping and community facilities as well as offices, local entertainment, art and...


MiniScale is a free digital map of Great Britain in a single data file that clearly shows towns and cities, motorways, major roads, railways and airports. Benefits and key features Show customers...

Printer usage

Printer usage by department, device, user, document information and other dimensions, from printer management software. Covers UK offices only, from 2012.

Reasonable Adjustments

Contains details of equipment provided to employees for non standard adjustments to work stations such as voice recognition software, monitors and non IT items such as orthopaedic chairs and names...

Code-Point Open

Discover hidden patterns in your data. With Code-Point Open, you can display on a map any information that contains a postcode; for example, customer records. For basic route planning,...

Adult establishment licences

This dataset contains information about premises licensed as a sex shop or sexual entertainment venue in Leeds. The best way to work with this dataset is to save it to your computer and open...

Gambling permits

This dataset shows where permits have been issued for gaming machines in pubs and clubs and also family entertainment centres. The best way to work with this dataset is to save it to your computer...