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Immigration Statistics: removals and voluntary departures

This release replaces the previous annual and quarterly publications Control of Immigration Statistics and the annual British Citizenship, following a public consultation. Each topic now has its...

Immigration:statistics: historical data removals and voluntary departures

Data for 2004-2005

Child Maintenance Appeals

The Appeals Tracking System is a small system used to assist the tracking of child maintenance appeals, Advanced Departures and Advanced Variations. Decision Appeals - Only specific decisions may...

DWP Flight expenses 2011

Air Travel Data from May to Dec 2011. Includes cost, ticket class, departure date, journey from and to, supplier. Does not contain personal information.

Travel Data - Transparency Agenda and FOI Request

The Government Procurement Service (GPS) is in receipt of a request under the Freedom of Information Act to release the following data: Flight bookings made by GPS customers through the various...

Railway Stations

Details include name, location and links to facilities and live departures

NextBuses API

The NextBuses API allows users to access live departure information by stop for public transport across Great Britain. Real time information will be provided where it is available and scheduled...

Accommodation Participants

Wilton Park - Arrival and departure times for participants

Translink Northern Ireland Railway Real Time Passenger Information

This API provides near real time information about arrivals and departures for the Translink rail stations. Results are cached for 2 minutes for performance reasons. Clients querying the API can...

Abeyance and Dispersal GPs

Abeyance and Dispersal GP Codes Contains: Usually, when a GP retires or leaves a practice, a successor is appointed prior to the departure of the outgoing GP. In such cases, if the GP in...

Historic Land Use associated with Mineral Planning Permissions for England

Between 2001 and 2003 BGS received approximately 1400 1:25 000 paper maps and associated card index from the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (now Department for Communities and Local Government...