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TV and on-demand access services

TV access services Data on the extent to which broadcast television channels and on-demand programme services (“ODPS”) carries subtitles, audio description and/or signing (collectively “access...

Government Car Data (On Demand Services

LT enterprise is an auto despatch booking system. Hold journey details and addresses for individuals together with contact details.

Smart Metering Demand Estimation Profile

Used to inform bidders  in CSP, DSP and licensing competitions of expected volume of use of DCC system

Energy Demand Research Project (EDRP)

Pilot trials (2007-2010) to test the impact of different interventions on energy demand reduction, jointly conducted by energy companies and academics (managed by Ofgem on behalf of Defra/DECC)

Historical rail passenger demand data

Rail Service Analysis - Historic Rail Passenger Demand Data derived from LENNON/CAPRI

Childcare demand projections

GLA Economics presents London childcare demand projections.  These are demand for formal childcare for 0-14 year olds, and sub-age groups.  The definition of formal childcare used is broad, and...

Historic Rail Passenger Demand and Revenue Data

Rail Service Analysis (RSA) Historic Rail Passenger Demand and Revenue Data derived from LENNON/CAPRI matched with socio-economic, car-cost/journey time and rail related variables

Peak rail passenger demand and crowding statistics

This is a new publication presenting statistics on peak crowding and trends in rail passenger numbers throughout the day in London and other major cities. Statistics on crowding and passenger...

Import demand: long run income elasticities

Results presented in BIS research paper no. 144 Long run income elasticities of import demand.

Crown Prosecution Service website data

This dataset includes data about the visits to - and cost of - the CPS website, There is also data about website survey respondents' experience of using the site.

Crown Prosecution Service Sickness Absence Data

This data relates to the CPS Staff Sickness Absence reports. These give an analysis of the numbers and causes of sickness absence in the Service. The reports are produced quarterly, but provide an...

Crown Prosecution Service Workforce Management Information

This data shows staff numbers for the CPS (both payroll and non-payroll staff) expressed in Full Time Equivalents by Civil Service Grade in addition to payroll costs during the relevant periods.

Spend over £25,000 in the Crown Prosecution Service

A monthly-updated list of all financial transactions spending over £25,000 made by the Crown Prosecution Service, as part of the Government's commitment to transparency in expenditure.

Exceptions to spending moratoria applied for by the Crown Prosecution Service

Exceptions to spending moratoria applied for by the Crown Prosecution Service

Crown Prosecution Service Annual Report 2012-2013

Underlying data from the CPS Annual Report 2012-2013

Projected Demand for School Places

The pan-London demand for school places project is an attempt to provide a consistent view of the demand for school places across London. The project was commissioned following an identifed need...

Housing demand indicators

General demand indicators: Difficult to let and vacant dwellings Source: Communities and Local Government (CLG) Publisher: Neighbourhood Statistics Geographies: Local Authority District (LAD),...

Crown Prosecution Service workforce diversity data 2009-2010

This dataset consists of various breakdowns of the CPS workforce according to diversity strands, e.g. ethnicity, gender, disability etc. This data is published annually.

Crown Prosecution Service workforce diversity data 2011-12

This data provides users with a detailed breakdown of CPS employment and recruitments sets by age, disability, ethnicity, gender, religion and sexual orientation for the 2011-12 financial year.

Exceptions to Cross-Government moratoria on spend in Crown Prosecution Service

This dataset is a list of those items of spend that have been allowed in Crown Prosecution Service since the announcement (24 May 2010) of five cross-government moratoria: ICT spend above £1m;...