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Theory Test Bookings

Theory Test Bookings including name, address, payment details, contact numbers, test time and location, any medical needs, completed test forms

Theory Test payment details

Payment details for Theory Test specifically Credit Card and the validation of the card.

Theory Test Contract Files

Signed copies of contract variances and implementation documentation

Theory test contract security documentation

Audit reports and accreditation documentation.

Theory Test Statistics and financial information

Theory Test Statistics and financial information including evidence of contractors performance, theory test performance and statistics, local plans & gross turnover

Telephone recordings

Telephone recording of Applications from Candidates for a theory test

Double deflation

Overview of double deflation theory and methods, with some experimental case studies.

Explanations beyond exchange rates

Economic theory suggests that a country's trade balance should increase following a depreciation of its currency, due to the effect on the relative price of its exports and imports. This article...

2008 Mineur et al. UK west coast records for Bonnemaisonia hamifera

It has traditionally been considered that areas with high natural species richness are likely to be more resistant to non-indigenous species than those with lower numbers of species. However, this...

Newcastle Libraries online resources usage

Monthly usage figures for online resources including databases and e-book platforms when available, for January 2005 to present. Additional information ---------------------- Blank means no data...