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Local Plan 2004 Employment

Areas of land relevant to Policies E2, E3, E7 and E8 of the Adopted Local Plan 2004, polygons

DSA 2013 Retailing

Areas of land designated Retailing, Policies DM8, DM9, HWTC5, HWTC6, MR1, MR2, PR1 and PR2 of Development Site Allocations 2013, polygons

Local Plan 2004 Major Developed Sites in the Countryside

Major Developed Sites in the Countryside, relevant to Policy C12 of the Adopted Local Plan 2004, polygons

Payments to suppliers by Wycombe District Council over £250

Payments to suppliers with a value over £250 by Wycombe District Council.

Local Plan 2004 Settlements Beyond the Green Belt

Areas of land designated Settlements beyond the Green Belt, Policy C9 of the Adopted Local Plan 2004, polygons

Drinking Prohibition Zone

Area of Drinking Prohibition Order in High Wycombe Town Centre, polygon

Local Plan 2004 Green Belt

Areas of land within the Green Belt and relevant to Policy GB2 of the Adopted Local Plan 2004, polygons

Wycombe contracts register

Register of procurement spending contracts and purchase orders over £5000.

Wycombe list of business rates reliefs

Properties in the Wycombe district in receipt of business rate relief.

Council spend data

Details of all payments made by the Council.  

Planning Applications

The data sets includes links to the case, service and classification of planning type.

Senior staff salaries

The data includes (in part) the following information. Column names are in brackets: service area code (see key below): used in expenditure returns to central government (Service area) full...

Brownfield Land Register

Brownfield Land Register conforming to the Brownfield Land 2017 Regulations at

Local Plan 2004 Built-up Areas within Green Belt

Built-up areas within the Green Belt relevant to Policy GB4 of the Adopted Local Plan 2004, polygons

Smoke Control Area

Smoke Control Areas within the former High Wycombe Borough Council area, polygons

Wycombe business rates exempt properties

List of properties in the Wycombe district exempt from business rates.

Wycombe business rates credit balances

List of properties within Wycombe district that have a creadit in their business rates account.

Community Infrastructure Levy

Wycombe District is split in to 2 CIL areas, which determine if a levy is chargeable for certain development


Urban and rural area settlement areas, and undefined areas in Wycombe District, polygons

Local Plan 2004 Areas of Attractive Landscape

Areas of Attractive Landscape relevant to Policy L2 of the Adopted Local Plan 2004, polygons