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Waveney District Council/Discretionary housing payments

Discretionary housing payments

Waveney District Council/Members Attendances - Annual Returns

Members Attendances - Annual Returns

Waverney District Council/Payments made for penalty charge notices

Payments made for penalty charge notices

Waveney District Council/Planning Applications Received

Planning Applications Received

Public toilets

Public Toilets owned by Waveney District Council, Suffolk, UK. Data formatted according to ODUG national schema, see: Updated annually. Data...

Waveney District Council/Business rates live accounts

Business rates live accounts

Waveney District Council/Average salary

Average salary

Waveney District Council/Business rates accounts in credit

Business rates accounts in credit

Waveney District Council/NNDR small business relief

NNDR small business relief

Waveney District Council/Member allowances

Member allowances

Waveney District Council/Pet shops

Pet shops

Waveney District Council/Business rates relief awarded

Business rates relief awarded

Waveney District Council/Election results

Election results

Waveney District Council/Summary of Housing Benefit in Year

Summary of Housing Benefit in Year

Waveney District Council/Conservation areas

Conservation areas

Waveney District Council/Mobile food vendors/Street traders

Mobile food vendors/Street traders

Waveney District Council/Business rate properties

Business rate properties

Waveney District Council/Electors by Ward

Electors by Ward

Brownfield Land Register (2018)

The brownfield land register includes all previously developed land considered suitable, available and achievable for residential development. The register is updated at least once a year. The...

Waveney District Council/Absence - Days Lost Per FTE

Absence - Days Lost Per FTE